i think you should check this out.
make sure you click on full screen : )



henry had his four year check up yesterday. they tested his ears and say his hearing is just fine.

i beg to differ.


peek a boo.

just popping in again.

listening to the black keys and about to bake a certain girl's birthday cake. somehow bea will turn 2 tomorrow. and she is ready. especially for her pink (by request) cake.
she can't decide if she want's to go on a hike and have a birthday picnic or go to the museum and have a birthday picnic. tonight she said both. maybe we'll wait until we're in the car tomorrow before we ask again.

the pendulum of life has been swinging pretty hard between the good and the bad here lately. nothing i want to get into, yet. just life stuff. i'm just glad that when it has been good it has been really good.

my dslr is still in disrepair, but i hope to have it return soon. in the meantime, i am enjoying film, except when i really screw up the shot and with film i think that's pretty hard to do - but i am managing just fine a little too often. not to complain to much because i love the excitement and anticipation of getting the pictures back and thrill of seeing the ones that turned out better than i imagined.
i need a film fund and i'm open to donations, because i don't want to give this up.

so, here's a little film-y goodness for your viewing pleasure. i'll be back around these parts again soon.

it's almost here.
i'm still here.

morning light.


random wednesday.

radio ga ga.

i've been listening to the feelies a lot. at least when i'm not listening to these guys, because holy smokes i can't stop.

what are you listening to lately?


ready & waiting.
tea leaves cardi in progress.


. . . . . . . . . . .


my camera is temporarily out of commission. (that's a very wishful statement, by the way). i'm not quite sure what is wrong with it, but it keeps locking up and won't shut off without removing the battery. as of now i know it's not the battery or lens and that's about it. spending quite a bit of time online trying to troubleshoot before sending it off to canon. i'm also perusing new camera's just in case, ha ha.

so i figure in the meantime i may upload older photos that have never been seen. and to keep up with my 365 (i'm too close to the end to give up) i'm going to shoot film. at least i'm going to try. so, while i'll be attempting to keep up with it, my posts will be late.

keep your fingers crossed for me that the problem is as simple as a dead memory card!





lately i feel like i have more shadows than i should at one time. not enough quiet and calm to break up the noise and chaos. some days i can take this in stride, while other days i feel like all coping skills have mysteriously vanished and may never be seen again. i feel like hiding away sometimes and the other night i did. as soon as dinner was finished i bolted up the stairs telling matt i needed at least 10 minutes, ducked into the bedroom and locked the door. i put some music on and laid on the floor next to the bed. the lock is faulty, so my hope was that if a noisy small person came in i might not be found.

i was found, but sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes of breathing in a room that you have all to yourself. that night i think i got 12 minutes.


this is from one hello world. you should go check it out.

it reminded me of this a little bit.


made in the shade.

made in the shade.

spent some time under here today with henry and bea. just us and the laundry. hanging out.

i was working in the garden trying to prep it for fall planting (which probably should have been done at least a week ago). it's hard to think about a fall/winter garden when it's still in the 90's.

so there i was moving dirt around with two batman's running rampant around the yard when one collided with the clothesline pole. she needed some love and i was lured away from my task. she wasn't really hurt, she just really likes to be snuggled. so we set up camp for a bit under the laundry and enjoyed the privacy and the shade. and i enjoyed the company and conversation.

the garden can wait.


in summary.


i haven't been blogging (obviously), but i also haven't been reading blogs either. maybe a post here and there, but that's it. today i opened up my blog roll and i am behind on reading 867 posts. ha! now, in all honesty, there a several blogs that i just skim (certain photo and design type blogs). then there are those that i like to get lost in, so if i don't have the time - i don't open them until i do. this is the weekend i think i'm going to make that time. i feel the need to catch up and not feel so far behind. i also think this is the weekend i need to whittle down my blog list (like those blogs i skim, for example.). this was supposed to be the summer of simplifying. i think the simplifying will be carried over into the fall and most likely the winter. i'm okay with that. it's a process.

looking forward to catching up with many of you!


it's official.

it's official.

i am officially ready for summer to move on out of here. i'm ready for cooler weather. jeans and cardigans. leaves crumpling under foot. the smell of autumn. bonfires and smores. the list could go on and on.

school's are entering their third week here. that doesn't mean much to me except that i know fall is around the corner. it tempts me to start packing away the swimsuits and shorts and break out the jeans and socks. i almost did it today, but restrained myself. i know i've good a good month or so of summer left.

i'm just ready for the season to change. henry must know it too, because he brought this leaf in just for me and set it on the kitchen table without saying a word.



finally made it to metropolis.


country road.


i LOVE this!!!

and here


monday maintenance

it's been a domestic morning here. i think i've accomplished more this morning than i did in all of last week. starting some bread, hanging laundry, making some detergent, making another batch of molly's dish soap, and enjoying listening to this:

it's good morning music, but i think it would pair nicely with a beautiful sunset, a slight breeze, a strong drink, and good friends. but that's just me.
you can get a free download from junip by joining their mailing list here.


dog days of summer.


ah, the summer of simplifying. in other words, a summer of slowly filling up the van with boxes and bags for donations (not to mention the recycling bin). today the garage was tackled. matt worked on one side (his studio/work area) and i worked on the other. i think it was close to 100 degrees outside, but by the time we were done the floor had been swept and the van was half full of toys, christmas decorations, a vacuum, and outgrown baby things. it always feels good to unload that stuff and pass it on (to those who will use it), but the job feels far from over. i suppose it could feel that way until the littles are bigger littles. one thing that felt really great was putting away the baby gate. it probably could have been done a couple months ago, but it sat to the side just in case. why we're hanging on to that i can't say, but we are. i'm just glad i don't have to look at it anymore.

the task (if that's the right word) of simplifying is a journey i will be on for some time i think. this stage of de-cluttering is the only way i know how to begin. it's not something new to me, but this go round is a little more intense and has more intention. it's about prioritizing and focusing. it's about cutting out some of the unnecessary things and giving time to the more important ones. it's about less physical/mind clutter and more open/free space. it's about less time spent maintaining and more time on personal growth. it's about less of that and more of us.


lazy days of summer.

hello there!
i am not going to start out by apologizing for being absent from this space of mine (as i usually do). though i think about posting on a daily basis, something is compelling me to keep my distance, so i am just going to go with it.

a good way to spend an evening

it's due (partially) to laziness. it's summer so that should be encouraged. my attention(s) are elsewhere. i'm reading more, listening to music more, watching more movies than i should be, lazing about in the high heat of the afternoon under the ceiling fan with at least one small child, and consuming too many desserts that consist of blueberries and lemon cake. and those are just the positive lazy things. there are negative ones too . . .

like the mounds of clean laundry to put away, the stack of dishes in the sink (again), the little green army men littering the floor throughout the house, and the fact that as i type this, there is a browning banana peel literally hanging off the top of the piano. but, i have my back to it so i can pretend its not there for the moment.

p.s. i'm so lazy that the picture i posted is from nearly two years ago because i didn't feel like uploading pictures tonight.

***and here's some nice lazy relaxing music to enjoy***


proof of knitting.

really, it does happen on occasion. and sometimes i even finish a project. like this little number.

the baby shrug knit up in sock weight midnight from shibui knits. this was my first time knitting with shibui. the name alone would make me buy it. i love saying that word! i enjoyed working with it and if i were a sock knitter that actually finished a PAIR of socks, i would definitely use this yarn for a pair. i also chose this yarn for the color. i knew i would love how it looks on bea with her blonde locks (even though at the time of purchase it was barely more than blonde fluff). i was not disappointed.

bea shrug.

the pattern was well written, easy to follow. the main pattern is a four row repeat, which after a few rounds was easy to memorize.
it also hides errors pretty well. i'm sure i made a few. i opted not to do the buttonholes, because i didn't foresee using them.
still looks great without them i think. they seemed unnecessary, unless you just want some extra embellishment. the pattern says that each size (0 to 3 yrs) will fit a wide range of ages. i didn't do gauge (because i'm lazy) and i'd say this is true. i knit the medium (1 to 2 yrs) and it fits both bea and henry (though it's a little snug on him). and yes, he was a willing model.

bea humoring me.

the day i shot these photos, bea was not so willing to put it on. i had to wait hours for her to agree. i thought it was yet another knit to be denied by her. but, i feel redeemed. when we were on vacation last week she was cold so i put it on her. later in the day when it had warmed up again i thought she might be getting hot and asked if she wanted to take it off and she said NO!
i was so relieved. my knitting queue for her is long. it would be no fun to have a girl who doesn't want to wear knits!

pretty as a pirate.

so now i am drifting in project limbo. i have some sewing projects on the table, but no knitting ones as of now. randomly working on dishcloths to keep my hands busy during movies. i am on the search for a sweater pattern for henry. so far i haven't found anything i loved. any suggestions out there?


pool time.

still feeling quiet. i just don't feel like i have a lot to say right now. bear with me.

we are getting well acquainted with the pool around here. whether it's this one or the blow up one in the backyard.
and in about a week and a half it will be all about the ocean. really looking forward to that. it's time to gear up for that
trip mentally!
all to ourselves.



not much to say lately. the words will come back. for now maybe just some visuals.

have night will travel.


the norm.

the norm.

a typical conversation around here lately.

"mom? mommy? mom?"
"i said what?"
"mom - o!"
"mom. mom. mom."
"i'm listening."
"what henry?"

repeat 43 times a day.


mini onion farm.

this morning i made it out of the house before 10 a.m. (with the littles). that almost never happens. we were on a mission.



last year we didn't know what we were doing in our garden (we still don't, but there's a little more confidence). we planted onions and picked them early and ate them all in a couple days. they were sooooo good. this year we expanded the garden just a bit and this year i planted lots of onions, but still not enough. it's pretty safe to say i eat onions almost daily. is that weird? so, the majority of the garden is now onions. but we did also get leeks, peas, and one more bell pepper plant.

speaking of peas, last year i think the peas made into the house only once. the rest were consumed standing right next to the plant. so, with luck we'll have about 6 to 7 times as many plants this year and maybe, just maybe some will make it to the dinner table. either that, or we'll just be eating outside more.

love clouds.

the garden is just about complete. we still need tomatoes and a few herbs but we'll pick those up this weekend at the farmers market. this is what we have so far:

spinach, radish, squash, cukes, peas, leeks, onions, carrots, eggplant, beets, kale, swiss chard, peppers, mint, basil, parsley, sunflowers. and i'm pretty sure henry chucked a pumpkin seed or two in there somewhere. some of these got in a little late, but it seems we planted late last year too and most everything did fine. hope the same goes for this year.

if you have a garden, what have you got growing?



~making coffee ice cubes. repeat for the next 5 months.
coffee cube time.

~making my boy happy by acting out scenes from duma with him (he's duma, i'm xan). haven't seen this movie? i recommend it.

~making a batch of laundry detergent. and in turn, making clean laundry, which then makes a pile of clothes on the bed to put away at a later time.
1 - 2 bars of castile soap
1 cup of washing soda
1 cup of borax
i don't measure any more though. just eyeball it.

~making lunch. making a mess.

~making myself crazy by sewing a doily on to my quilt top. never again will i sew a doily on anything. (but it is cute!).

~making some lists. i'm a list maker. though my handwriting is nearly illegible thanks to the computer.

~making my way out to the hammock while the littles finish napping.

what are you making these days?



today we trekked to the museum again to take in this exhibit and make a sculpture of a car, today's planned activity for the kids. more and more i'm so glad we bought that family pass. henry does not have that much interest in browsing the museum but is very interested in the art projects. since they often relate the project to a specific piece of art or in this case an exhibit, it gives us a chance to check out the museum in small portions.


upon walking into the car exhibit henry said, "whoa!". he was impressed with the size (and probably the shininess), and i admit i was too. these cars were pretty stunning pieces of design. unfortunately, he wasn't interested enough to linger and really admire the details like i wanted too, but that just means i need to go back. i think there are 18 cars in the exhibit and i didn't get to read about any of them. i took as many pictures as i could, but was not confident enough in the boy's ability to refrain from touching anything, so i didn't want to take my eyes off him for more than a few seconds at a time. also, no flash or tripods are allowed, so i got a lot of blur and was often shooting blind.

after the exhibit we headed to the classrooms for some sculpting. they wanted them to sculpt cars. i had already told henry to make whatever he wanted. henry and bea were really into the clay.


eventually their sculptures became one and turned into a car of some sort. henry calls it a bunny car.

those blue crayons sticking out are the horns. there was a 1937 mercedes roadster (gorgeous!) that had two large silver horns on the front. i was happy to know that he was paying attention.

i hope to get back to this exhibit without the littles. i'd love to linger and appreciate all the details on these cars, and of course get some better photos. if i do, i'll be sure to share.

*highlight from today - henry seeing a banner for this upcoming exhibit and saying, "i want a mustache like that someday!' . awesome. and it wouldn't surprise if he followed through with it. i'll be sure to share that if it ever happens!



tried to take the littles out for a ride today. bea on her trike, henry on his new (thrifted) bat-scooter. we didn't make it past our neighbors house. he parked the scooter, traipsed into their yard and picked every weed he could hold. then he rode his scooter across the street and proceeded to do the same at our other neighbors house. at this point bea is saying "buckle" repeatedly, meaning for me to UN-buckle her and let her loose. she didn't pick any flowers, but she was another set of hands to hold the ones henry was picking.

it's all fine with me. i believe weeds hold up better than fresh cut flowers and they're just as pretty.





i've been suffering from insomnia lately. not too bad, but definitely having later nights than i would like. i had it much worse in high school. i have a mind that won't shut off sometimes. last night i found myself wishing i could listen to music or podcasts AND read my book simultaneously just so i could keep busy enough. i suppose it could be done and who's to say i'd retain any less information? it's affecting my ability to deal with noise of which there is a lot of in my house. why are the smallest ones the loudest?

i tried taking so many pictures today and come away with only a few that were worthy of keeping/editing the hell out of. we were inside much of the day because my allergies are making me want to claw my eyeballs from their sockets and bea walks around rubbing her eyes saying "eye?". anyway, i took a few selfies and all that did is make me want to count all the grays in my hair. i was a little surprised at the amount (i didn't actually count though). i realized i look as tired as i feel and i feel like i am definitely closer to forty than i am to twenty. which is true, i am. but that doesn't mean i want feel it. or feel like i look it.

and to not sound entirely grumpy and whiny i'll let you know i've been feeling grateful at the same time. for so many things. one of them being this amazing community. i was going through one of my photo sets on flickr last night and getting really sappy and silly and i was just really touched by the comments. i'm just grateful for this opportunity to 'meet' so many people and share experiences with them (and you). some of you have been around since i started this blog (or close to it) and began posting on flickr (close to 2.5 yrs ago i think - i might be wrong). you are witnessing me and my family grow and sharing that experience and that is really pretty powerful. i get so much support and love from all of you and just want you to know it's appreciated beyond measure. and i can't even begin to describe what i have gained from all of you. so thank you. it means so much to me that you stop by here.

i found this cover over here today, and i am really enjoying it. if you aren't familiar with mr. ferry's site look around (especially at his photography site). i would pack up today and leave for london if i could because of his photos. of course if you've been visiting here long enough, you know i'd pack up today and go just about anywhere : )


let there be light.

today marks the last assignment from the c & c photography workshop. this assignment was about light and abstract. once again i felt like i was struggling. i was hitting some creative walls with this one and i also had little ones wanting to play and 'help' with the process. i was a little distracted, let's say. so, while i don't feel like i quite nailed this assignment, i'm pleased with a few of the shots and grateful for the push to look at a few plants in a new light.

1. get up close.

2. crop/abstract.

3. different angle.
different angle.

4. reflection.

5. landscape.

6. your choice. a favorite taken during the workshop. and why.
out of focus.
this is one of my favorites because i like playing with negative space and using a blurred effect. i liked the contrast of the front part of the stone being in focus while the rest of the shot was out of focus. i really like all these colors together and the strong lines in the picture, too.

one last thing:
list 3 things learned/gained/observed during the workshop.

1. reflection shots are not my strong suit!

2. i am more comfortable shooting spontaneously. setting up shots and pre-thinking arrangements put me on edge. which is silly. once done i enjoyed the process. i tend to over think things and this was no exception. in the end, i liked being nudged out of that comfort zone.

3. while i am comfortable with my camera, i need to gain more technical knowledge. i'd like to shoot more purposefully.

thank you so much to carolyn and camilla for hosting this! this was my first workshop and i enjoyed it and the feedback so much.


the little things.

today was about the little things (and the little ones).

~ spotting the neighbors cat pichon birding under our trees.

i spy.

~ dirt to fill the new raised beds.

~ picnicking in the backyard.

~ multiple loads of laundry making it out to the clothes line.


~ lying on clean sheets under the fan with a good book. or two.

~ hours of good music.

~ a girl who doesn't mind getting a little *ahem* dirty.


~ papa bringing home dinner so no one had to cook or clean up the kitchen.

~ a certain boy telling me he loves me out of the blue. (and it was after the haircut he didn't want).

~ cold beers.

~ a half clean house.

~ sleeping babes.

hoping you all have fun, sun-filled weekend!


while i sat.

i spent a good part of the day feeling out of it and entirely distracted. bea had her 18m check up today where i learned that i missed scheduling her 15m one, so maybe i've just been distracted for a few months now. i think having kids will do that to you. or at least amplify it.

here is the part where i leave out the details about how i just about drove through the garage door and instead tell you how i got my head out of the clouds.

i put those littles down for nap. i poured myself an iced coffee, grabbed some music, and headed out into the sun. i sat next to our new expanded garden (that is still waiting for dirt and chicken poop) and wished there were seeds growing in it, though i know they will be very soon. i'm just impatient.

my view.

i admired the pines that are far enough from our house that if they fell they wouldn't hit it. (it's happened before). and while admiring that view i grew a little envious of the neighbors behind us with the huge garden and lots of shade free ground to have it on. (we have a lot of shade - which kind of stinks for the food growing, but i'm grateful for it all the same. less sunburn worry for the little ones).

the noodle.

i rubbed my dog's head. and wished i was napping outside too. time to get working on that quilt that's planned just for that purpose.

dancing shadows.

i watched dancing shadows on the house.

more weeds.

i wondered why we have so many more beautiful weeds in the yard this year than any other year i can remember. i thought about henry telling matt he didn't want him to get rid of the weeds because he loved them. because they tickled him.

and now i don't feel quite so distracted. we'll see what tomorrow brings.