today we trekked to the museum again to take in this exhibit and make a sculpture of a car, today's planned activity for the kids. more and more i'm so glad we bought that family pass. henry does not have that much interest in browsing the museum but is very interested in the art projects. since they often relate the project to a specific piece of art or in this case an exhibit, it gives us a chance to check out the museum in small portions.


upon walking into the car exhibit henry said, "whoa!". he was impressed with the size (and probably the shininess), and i admit i was too. these cars were pretty stunning pieces of design. unfortunately, he wasn't interested enough to linger and really admire the details like i wanted too, but that just means i need to go back. i think there are 18 cars in the exhibit and i didn't get to read about any of them. i took as many pictures as i could, but was not confident enough in the boy's ability to refrain from touching anything, so i didn't want to take my eyes off him for more than a few seconds at a time. also, no flash or tripods are allowed, so i got a lot of blur and was often shooting blind.

after the exhibit we headed to the classrooms for some sculpting. they wanted them to sculpt cars. i had already told henry to make whatever he wanted. henry and bea were really into the clay.


eventually their sculptures became one and turned into a car of some sort. henry calls it a bunny car.

those blue crayons sticking out are the horns. there was a 1937 mercedes roadster (gorgeous!) that had two large silver horns on the front. i was happy to know that he was paying attention.

i hope to get back to this exhibit without the littles. i'd love to linger and appreciate all the details on these cars, and of course get some better photos. if i do, i'll be sure to share.

*highlight from today - henry seeing a banner for this upcoming exhibit and saying, "i want a mustache like that someday!' . awesome. and it wouldn't surprise if he followed through with it. i'll be sure to share that if it ever happens!

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  1. Very cool! It sounds like everyone had a good time!

    I love your new blog header, btw!


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