knitting in limbo.

i can't make it through this simple pattern. my stitch count is off. i keep making silly errors and tinking back. it's getting ridiculous. i'm to the point where i may just go get another skein and make the next size up, because bea is going to be too big by the time i finish this 'quick' knit.
knitting in limbo.
then again, i am only off 2 stitches and will it really be that noticeable? for all i know i've been off the whole time!

what are you working on? if you are a knitter, does your knitting slow down in the summer? i know mine does. and since i'm already a slow knitter that basically means i stop. i hope to keep a few small project going this summer though. maybe a pair of socks . . .


  1. sometimes 2 stitches can mean everything;)
    right now...I am in limbo...decision mode...
    beautiful pattern here...lovely blue.

  2. oh i know. i've been tinking back a ways to find out if i've been off the whole time. ah well. can't wait to see what you are making next : )

  3. I am knitting a little cardigan for my daugther, and, yes, like you, in summer I knit a lot less...
    Happy knitting!

  4. I've got 4 pairs of socks on the needles and two shawls that I'd like to finish up sooner rather than later!

    I love the blue...maybe 2 stitches off can be a design element?

    summer knitting...not a problem...just not big projects!

  5. I think you can make up those two stitches some place. And knitting picks up in the summer since school is out.


  6. yes, small projects for summer!

    ava, those two stitches might never have been there! that's what i get for only working on it too late at night.

  7. I am ***famous** for being a stitch or two off. If you can't see it now and the pattern isn't off, carry on. If you are going to seam, throw two increases in at the seams. If you are neurotic like me, rip. Or give up. My neurosis goes both ways.
    Lovely blue~


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