while i sat.

i spent a good part of the day feeling out of it and entirely distracted. bea had her 18m check up today where i learned that i missed scheduling her 15m one, so maybe i've just been distracted for a few months now. i think having kids will do that to you. or at least amplify it.

here is the part where i leave out the details about how i just about drove through the garage door and instead tell you how i got my head out of the clouds.

i put those littles down for nap. i poured myself an iced coffee, grabbed some music, and headed out into the sun. i sat next to our new expanded garden (that is still waiting for dirt and chicken poop) and wished there were seeds growing in it, though i know they will be very soon. i'm just impatient.

my view.

i admired the pines that are far enough from our house that if they fell they wouldn't hit it. (it's happened before). and while admiring that view i grew a little envious of the neighbors behind us with the huge garden and lots of shade free ground to have it on. (we have a lot of shade - which kind of stinks for the food growing, but i'm grateful for it all the same. less sunburn worry for the little ones).

the noodle.

i rubbed my dog's head. and wished i was napping outside too. time to get working on that quilt that's planned just for that purpose.

dancing shadows.

i watched dancing shadows on the house.

more weeds.

i wondered why we have so many more beautiful weeds in the yard this year than any other year i can remember. i thought about henry telling matt he didn't want him to get rid of the weeds because he loved them. because they tickled him.

and now i don't feel quite so distracted. we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. sounds like you got the most out of the kids' nap time :) that's always a good thing.


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