i knew this assignment would be tricky for me. i'm not one to photograph still life's. well, not planned ones anyway. i had a few ideas for this assignment, but wasn't coming up with a good layout. then by chance, i took this photo on tuesday (when i was clipping lavender and then walked by my husbands sculpture stand on the deck) and recalled the part in the assignment about textures and shapes and decided to recreate the scene so to speak.

1) straight ahead.
straight on.

2) bird's eye view.
bird's eye view.

3) up close.
close up.

4) off center.
off center.

5) out of focus.
out of focus.

6) out of focus. completely.
out of focus. completely.

i really wanted to practice my shutter control on this assignment but i found so many different ways too shoot this set up and at different times of the day. not all turned out the way i wanted, but it was an interesting exercise. my original plan was photographing the lavender in a completely different setting and none of those turned out to my liking.

i had the hardest time doing the bird's eye view because i needed to use a ladder and i'm afraid of heights. most of those were blurry. the shot i ended up using i actually shot blind with both feet on the ground. i really enjoyed this assignment though i felt a little out of my comfort zone. it was nice to take my time and think about the angles and really see what i was photographing.

***i will have sporadic access to the internet this weekend, so if i don't get to visit your blogs this weekend, i'll be looking forward to seeing your work early in the week!***


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  2. It is nice to read that you also had to go out of your comfort zone to make these wonderful photos. I love the bleu in your photos and the texture of the stone is amazing. The first photo is my favorite.

  3. They are very nice images, I love the almost blurred one. I am not sure I could manage up a ladder!


  4. Truly beautiful...all of them. What a wonderful idea you came up with! I particularly love the negative space shot! Very nice background and the little lavender just barely creeping in to the image! I love all the texture in your shots as well :)

  5. Lovely use of textures ...I like how you did the negative space and the unfocu. Very nice compostions. I also really like the colors in the images, very pleasing. Sometimes you learn the most when you are out of your comfort zone...(I did 5 reshoots on my assignment)
    Beautiful work.
    Happy Easter.

  6. Anonymous4/03/2010

    I, too, love your negative space one, such pretty colors. Interesting still life, simple but elegant.

  7. I love the color in your off center photo. Your work shows lavender in a new light - interesting!

  8. Anonymous4/03/2010

    I love the colors in the off center photo and the way the lavender curls into the photo. Good job all the way around.

  9. That surprises me to hear you were feeling a bit out on this assignment because your shots...all of them...are completely amazing. I love them all!


  10. These are amazing! Your up close and off center photos are my favorite, but they are all so beautiful You would never know that this shoot was a difficult one for you.

  11. I love the out of focus shot...it's also negative space, which is my new favorite way to take photos! And don't you find that taking pictures blind sometimes ends up with the most interesting results? And good for you for being brave on that ladder...I feel ya on the heights thing!

  12. I love them all!
    Beatiful colors and textures!!!

  13. Beautiful. the texture in the second one is so rich...it could be a poster for Provence.

  14. Yes, yes, oh I'm so happy to see these. Wonderful work! Just love the colors and the processing!

  15. love. especially the negative space one.

  16. oh they are all magnificent!! ♥

  17. LOVE the birds eye. Glad you braved that ladder!

  18. love the textures. i want to run my hand over each one.

  19. Love the straight ahead, off-center and the first unfocussed photos. Gorgeous colours! The first photo, the different textures, the BLUE! The bluish green of the cuts... I love everything about that one! And the off-center one... I just LOVE the combination of strong colours! Great composition!!

  20. I love the blue background. Really amazing contrast. The photos are lovely - simple but strong contrasts in colour, texture, nature and man-made. Despite being 'out of your comfort zone' you managed to capture some really amazing photos.

  21. I think the first one is gorgeous! I am amazed at the lighting and how that blue just seems so antiqued, yet pops at the same time. Wow!


  22. These photos are so beautiful. All of them. The colours in the first photo are astonishing. The blue, perfect.

    I love how the different angles showed of different details from the still life. I loved the texture of the birds eye and close up photo... the cracks...

    Do not be afraid to be outside your comfort zone because this was beautifu.


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