i thought it was april.

this week has been a taste of summer, but with a little less humidity and much more pollen.

we've been spending a lot of time outdoors but with frequent breaks inside (i've already had a sunburn).

little feet.

lots of exploring going on in the backyard. eating mint and wild onions. climbing of fences. mud pies.


bubble blowing. chalk drawing. seed planting. laundry hanging. bucket rides.

pre-dinner fun.

and even some slow moments for mama. though they don't last long.

zero motivation.

i have been reading so much lately. a sure sign that the babes are getting bigger and more self sufficient. i think i've read 2 entire books in a week! that is some pre-baby reading there. it's been such a treat, though i'm not getting much else done. but i don't mind.

what's on your reading lists right now?


  1. What are those pretty ribbons attached to? Look! Your kids are getting wheeled around the yard in bins! : ) I just finished reading Audrey Niffenegger's new book. It was creepy. I guess I liked it but it left me feeling... creepy. Now I'm reading RADICAL HOMEMAKERS. I don't even need to read past the title. It cracks me up every single time I think of it.

    (My computer crashed last night while chatting -- I didn't mean to cut out on you abruptly...)

  2. those baby toes! love your photos, (and despite your lack of self confidence in your camera techno knowledge I think you take brilliant pictures!)
    I just finished The Help, which was good, but it's the only novel I've read in a while. Also read Born to Run which I loved. You and Diane's choices sound interesting!

  3. Anonymous4/19/2010

    ah! your photos are amazing.


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