Man Socks

woohooo! another fo!
here are the man socks. best easy sock pattern EVER! (thank you, molly!)
they knit quick, are thick and cozy, and best of all they fit!
man sock side
manly man socks
i used a size 7 needle with worsted weight yarn from my stash. the main color is an unknown, the orange is berroco ultra alpaca.
i cast on 40 stitches and ran with it.
i do need to improve on my finishing skills. maybe i just get in too much of hurry when weaving in ends, but i did a pretty sloppy job to be honest. next time i will be more patient.



flying the coop

well, the nesting is finally done (i hope). but not before i got really nutso. as in washing base boards crazy. i think that did it for me. i got my fix apparently. (i did want to rearrange the living room furniture, but that will have to wait).

so now that my house is cleaner that in has been since before henry was born this is how i'm going to try to spend the rest of my mornings until the littlest one arrives. a little decaf, a little knitting, and lots of snuggling up with my boy.

it has been so wonderful sharing these slow mornings with henry. many days we have fallen asleep lying in the bed listening to the leaves rustling in the wind. i really am trying to soak in these final (quiet) days of it just being the two of us, and also looking forward to the days when i have two little ones to snuggle with.


the talented mr. matt

this is matt's newest creation. she's beautiful. she's one of my favorites (i think i say this after every new sculpture though). but she is. there is so much about her that i like. she actually has a partner too, but he is not finished yet.

my problem is trying to be the photographer of his sculptures. if i could master this it would be so beneficial (i.e., economical/convenient). i've been working on his website for ages now, and along with some other issues (ahem, matt), i'm finding that the pictures are just not up to par. for me. the background is so important, as well as the lighting. we need a permanent or semi-permanent set up for doing this. unfortunately, our garage is the only space available and well, i'll just say there won't be any pictures of the dungeon on this blog. so for now, we make feeble attempts outdoors. i can easily burn through 200+ photos and come out with only a handful i find worthy, and even then they don't seem quite right.

thank goodness his talent speaks for itself and shines through on its own.

still here

still here and not much to say today. felt really good today and had more energy than i've had in a while.
matt came home early from work to go to the doctor with me.

he actually said "wow, your stomach looks huge today!"


he's very fortunate that i felt good today and had actually showered and brushed my teeth and felt publicly presentable. otherwise . . .

the doctor expects that he will be seeing me again next week. at his office.

luckily i know that the human body does amazing things and anything can happen between now and then. so i am not dwelling on it.


bring it on

We are being teased with fall-like weather in these parts (I say teased because it may not last). The weekend was beautiful! beautiful! with highs in the 70's!!!! We opened the windows, turned the fans down a bit and enjoyed the beautiful light streaming in through our dirty windows. It seems that the expected highs for our area for the next week are staying in the 70' to low 80's. You have no idea how happy. this. makes. me!
I am ready for the sounds and smells of autumn and it could not be coming at a better time.

There is something about the physical change in the seasons that gets me geared up for cleaning. Which is a good thing, because our entire house needs it. Inside and out. Our project list seems to be growing, which even as we talk about things we'd like/need to do, I know its a joke. I'm guessing a third of it will get done by winter. If we're lucky. I'm talking about repainting rooms, tearing down the rotting front porch and building a larger, covered one in its place, and the endless yard maintenance that needs/should be done.

I spent much of the weekend in our bedroom. Cleaning/nesting, whatever you want to call it. One room down and it feels good to know that if I accomplish nothing else, the baby's space is prepared and inviting (and clean!). It was a good room to corner myself into even with the weather so nice. The light was perfect along with the breeze and in the evenings I sat in bed knitting listening to the crickets. Now that it's done, I'm not sure I will want to leave my room.

The other thing I did on Saturday was a little experiment. Matt bought this ginger ale on Friday and I had a sip that evening. WHOA! It had some kick to it. He jokingly said maybe it would induce me. I had a few sips through out the night and it really got that baby bouncing and moving. So on Saturday I had an entire bottle to myself, just to see if it would work.

Nope, it didn't. Potent ginger ale does not do the trick, but it was a pretty tasty treat!


summer was . . .

all about the cooking. and the anticipation. and the excitement. and the nerves (oh in so many ways). trying to prepare henry as best we can for what is surely going to rock his world a bit.
but, now the count is down to days instead of months and reality has set in. we are working on final preparations for this little bundle to arrive. getting caught up on laundry, making room for all the little baby 'stuff' like diapers, lotions, ointments, etc. - oh my! cleaning the car seat and putting that in the van, trying to clean the house and maintain it for when family and friends arrive to meet the new addition. oh, and napping, can't forget the napping.
we are as ready as we need to be friends and that is all that matters. all this other stuff is just to keep me busy and my mind from going crazy.

6 weeks to go

summer growth

*if anyone has some advice/good stories to share on how to help henry with this transition, i would love to hear them. i may be just a little anxious about how
he will deal with all this. i think he'll be great, but if he does have a difficult
time in the beginning i want to be prepared. or is that possible?


Summer was . . .


water and not getting enough of it. I was a water baby and so is the boy. The summer I was pregnant with him I spent as much time as possible in the water. It was my only relief. This year we didn't get to it as much as I would have liked, but fortunately the boy is just as happy in a blow up pool set in the backyard or in the bathtub as he is in a big pool, the lake or by the sea.

more water

Summer was . . .

full of travels. First, back home to Illinois visiting Matt's family and all of us being a part of George and Jess' wedding.
Lazy days spent next to the lake enjoying warm sun and relaxing breezes.

Then a reunion of sorts with my family, meeting up on Topsail Island, NC, a trip the entire family took together 22 years ago. More lazy days spent near the water in the warm sun and relaxing breezes.

It can be so difficult with two families (especially ones as large as ours) finding the time to see everyone as much as we'd like to. I feel we were so fortunate to visit with both sides of our family this year, especially in the summertime. These will be memories we won't forget and that we were so happy to be a part of.


summer was . . .

some of the best things about being little and it being summer.
bare butts and bare feet.

summer was . . ., originally uploaded by gonzomama.


Summer was . . .

Our summer here was full of so many things. I think one of the more memorable things for me will be that this was the summer of bugs and critters for our boy. He's always had interest in them, but this was the year he was brave enough to touch them and pick them up. Most of the time - there were a few exceptions. This was the summer that made me get over my fear of the creepy crawly things too. I can't really expect my boy to explore and look closer at the creatures if his mama says "ewwwww, get that away from me" every time he shows interest in a wee little creature, no matter how many legs it may have. I have my exceptions too, though.

Thanks, Molly, for this great idea for winding down the last week of the season and transitioning into the new (at least for some of you).

Please feel free to join in sharing your summer memories with everyone during the week.



she's grumpy

yesterday was a rough day. i slept all of about 3 hours. a middle of the night potty trip did me in. it's like clockwork. every morning at 3:00 am. this time i just couldn't really fall back asleep. so my day started out on a sour note. to make matters worse i realized at about 9:30 in the morning that after being a complete grump to matt before he left for work that i had also forgotten to tell him happy birthday (at least i told him i loved him). then i called him in tears apologizing for being such a horrible, grumpy wife. i'm so fortunate to have such an understanding husband.

the rest of the day i spent waddling around like a zombie trying to complete everyday and not so everyday tasks. a trip to the store for forgotten ingredients to make the birthday cake (red velvet - is that a guy thing?). then home to make lunch and put a boy down for his nap. then fighting back tears (mainly from exhaustion) and for realizing i still forgot one necessary ingredient and will now have to make another dreaded trip to the store after the boy's nap which means the cake making cannot commence until matt returns from work.

in the meantime, i made a new recipe from this book. homemade coleslaw. i am picky when it comes to coleslaw. as a matter fact i rarely like it. this recipe i liked and was pleased that it actually came out well. the only thing i wasn't so fond of was hand squeezing the liquid out of the cabbage. it was a little time consuming. i'm sure there is any easier way to do it, but in my frame of mind yesterday i just went with it.

i made it through the day and matt made it through his birthday and the nearly unbearable wife. it probably didn't help that i reminded him that he's six candles shy of forty. (see, i was grumpy).

so, for today i plan on the boy and i not taking a trip anywhere, watching a movie, and knitting as much as possible.
then tonight matt & i are gearing up for our first ever garage sale. stop on by this saturday for some good deals. we are
cleaning house!


to my best friend

the boys, originally uploaded by gonzomama.

happy birthday!

this is the man who always stands by me.
this is the man who can always make me laugh.
this is the man who can equally drive me crazy.
this is the man who knows me better than anyone.
this is the man who still loves me despite this.
this is the man whose patience i admire.
this is the man that makes the best meals.
this is the man who shows so much love.
this is the man that is the best dada.
this is the man that makes the best companion.
this is the man for me.



or yet multi-attempting, which in my case is basically the same thing seeing as how i can barely finish anything i start lately (and that would include typing a coherent sentence).
i have several knitting projects up on the blocks. one big and a few small. oh, and a tiny one i finished a while ago but have been to lazy to take a picture of.

first up are the matchy-matchy socks for the new babe (if they fit). when i was within rows of finishing the babe's blanket i thought i was going to run out of yarn so i bought another skein. just in case. well, i didn't need it. so, i thought i would make some cute little baby socks.

i used the kelley baby socks pattern by courtney kelley (i found the link on ravelry). it's just a very basic ribbed sock for tiny feet. i think one sock turned out wider than the other, but i'm at the point where i really don't mind. i think i am going to make a pair for henry in the near future with the same koigu and some leftover yarn from shirley's hat. i was thinking of doing the heel and toe in the contrasting color. i might want a pair for me.

i'm also making slight progress on the ursa sweater. so far, i am loving the yarn. the color is about as close to perfect as i could get since i had already envisioned how it would look finished. i was having a bit of an issue with the decreases. i'm not sure what or if anything happened, but they appeared to be off a bit. i let it rest for a day and when i came back to it i decided it wasn't too bad and hopefully it's nothing a little blocking can't fix.

tonight i cast on for another project. this is a sock-a-long i am doing with diane and molly. We have deemed the project 'man socks'. each of our husbands would like to have a pair of hand knit socks, so we are going to humor them and attempt to make some rather large socks. molly is a clever knitter though and just happened to have a pattern that called for worsted weight on size 7 needles. thank goodness! so when progress begins to show on that project, i will be willing to share.

in the meantime, i will be trying to knit like a crazy woman for the next couple of weeks before things really start to get busy around here. i'm telling you, it is a borderline miracle if i can make it through the day without a nap.



in the works

this is the next project to tackle. it is ursa from the berroco booklet #279. i am using berroco ultra alpaca in dijon (6253).

i've had a bugger of a time getting gauge on this thing, but i think i have finally got it. this will be my first adult sized sweater (and second sweater ever), so i'm a little nervous about it fitting me. i may be going a little big, but i prefer that to it being too small. luckily i have diane sharing the trials and tribulations of this project with me. wish us luck!

(and if i have this finished in time to wear it this winter i'll be happy)


it was bound to happen

this blog has been interrupted by the sudden urge to 'nest'.

please excuse me.