from the grill

pita from the grill
pita baked on a baking stone on the grill.
from my artisan breads in 5 minutes a day book (most used book in our house).
no hot oven heating up the house to bake bread.


hittin' the road

for a short trip to asheville.
going to enjoy a long weekend with my grampa!
just a peek
see you again next week sometime.
(no real definite plans on when i'm coming back)!!!



some mornings

do you ever have one of those mornings where everything is falling into place?
and when you look at the clock it is only 9:00 and you are totally amazed at
what you have already accomplished in the day. i don't have those days often,
but i love that feeling.
one of those mornings


7 years ago today

7 years!?!
and 7 years before that, we became misplaced midwesterners.
soon i'll be able to say we've been together for more than half of my life. amazing.

happy anniversary! i love you.


green day

in the garden today.

green day
green day
green day
tomatoes (upside down)
green day
sweet fennel
green day
green day



of summers gone by
summer memories
remnants of summers past


one of those days

felt as if i had been defeated by mid-morning. kept threatening we wouldn't go to the pool.
then we went anyway. we were home by noon.
bea cool
thought a group nap would help us get back in sync. it helped, but wasn't a cure-all.

savor the wonder

savoring the crease in her forearm. i know it will be gone soon.
those little fingers curled in her sleep next to those long lashes.

wondering if i'm ready for the next steps. and if i can give her the space she needs to learn.
and wondering if she will always do everything faster than her brother did.


calling all mojo

i've been a busy mama over here, just like you, i'm sure. only when i get busy i tend to neglect this space no matter how much i want be here. i try to make commitments with myself to post daily, or every other day, or even just consistently. but i know myself, with summer here its just not going to happen.

i have a long list of things i want to do, things i have to do, and things i should do (but if it doesn't happen, no biggie).

i want our days to be slow and creative around here.  matt's focus will be his new sculpture workshop. henry's will be whatever strikes his mood (lately it's been drawing pictures of robots and dragons), and mine will be sewing and photography. 

i need this creative focus because i feel like i've lost it. my photos have been a little lacking lately and i want to get my photomojo back. i want to be inspired by those that have the mojo going and i want the ability to give it back on occasion. 
in my attempt to get that mojo back, i'll be using fewer words and more visuals here over the next month or so.