september : 10 on 10

i'm bending the rules a bit today. usually the photos i post for 10 on 10 are snippets of an entire day. i set out with that being my intention for this post and i did take photographs throughout the day, but when reviewing those photos i realized something. every photograph taken in the afternoon was trumped by every photo taken in the morning. so, for this 10 on 10 you get a glimpse into the morning we spent at the dragon*con parade. trust me, you'll be glad i didn't waste the space on photos of my mediocre lunch, refreshing beer, exhausted kids lying about in the afternoon, and my cluttered workspace (because that's what you would've seen if i had decided not to break the rules a bit). i apologize in advance for the diptych overload. 

 i've honestly never been to a better parade. every year this parade is fantastic and it's so much fun to photograph. every year it ends with storm troopers (they seemed quite a bit weaker in number this year or maybe they were a little more spread out. we were at the very end of the parade route, so that seems possible. not the best spot for photographing the parade i learned.) and then the crowd pours out onto peachtree st. behind them. if you can manage, i recommend you make the trek to atlanta next year for this event if you are at all into sci-fi, comic books, costume wearing, or just getting your freak on. good times will be had.

now, for a really good time call (on) carmen over at her beautiful blog and see what's happening in her world!

p.s.  don't forget to keep clicking through the links so you can enjoy the work of all the amazing photographers taking part in this 10 on 10 project.