i wanted to do a different post today, but things are not going according to plan. (when do they?)
instead i am going to lie on my bed while the littles nap and look through the stack of books i got
at the library this morning. we were up all night with a certain little who is teething and could all
use a good rest today. and the weather is accommodating. hope all of you have a peaceful day today.


hello sunshine

it's good to have you back.
i noticed last night that my photostream on flickr was looking rather dark and dreary. so today we took it to the park and had some opportunities to lighten things up a bit.

every thursday for the month of september there has been a brown bag concert series in the park in downtown woodstock. today was the first day we have made it over there. it was gray and cloudy when we left and i thought for sure it would rain before we arrived. but i was determined and i had my fingers and toes crossed that it would hold off.
munch munch
can you say ham?
to my surprise it worked!! by the time i had our blanket spread out the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds. we sat down for a small lunch and some music. the first song the duo played was 'here comes the sun'. henry asked what that song was so i told him and also said it was by the beatles (he's been curious about them since seeing a poster advertising the beatles rock band or something). he sits quietly listening and watching. then looks at me and says, "i like beatles music.". i said, "me too, they are one of my favorites". a moment passes, he looks at me again and asks, "are they pretending to be beatles?". i laughed and said, "i suppose in a way the are".
by the time we were done i had two hot, sweaty, and tired littles!
mad at mama


yes. it's still raining.

lots of rain in these parts lately. i'm hoping when it goes it takes the humidity with it. i get really grouchy when it's this humid. we've been making trips to the library, bookstore, home improvement store, yarn shops, grocery stores. you name it - i'm looking for a reason to go there. fortunately, it seems to be more for my sanity than the littles.
um, it's raining here
i honestly have never seen this much rain in the 8.5 years i have lived here. in savannah it flooded anytime you had a good rain, but here? nope. crazy things happening here. schools closing, businesses closing, a lot of roads closed. i heard this morning we had 15 inches of rains since friday. that was before it rained all day! as of now it doesn't look like it is going to let up much until sunday.

the good news is we may be out of our drought situation.
and we have a lot of puddles to stomp.
bench monday


look who's knitting

look who's knitting!

it's been a while. a long while. three christmas stockings and a bea sweater on the list for the holidays. and that'll do.
then it will be all about me. mwah ha ha. and a long overdue sweater for matt needs to be started.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

and that sweater dress. that will never happen. i just like to imagine it would.


birthday season commences

pirate territory
we had a big birthday event here at the end of august and somehow the time has just slipped by.
the wee boy has turned the magic number ( 3!!!) and is not seeming so wee anymore. big ideas, big words, big conversations, big questions, big laughs, big toys (which mean tiny parts) and big fun are what it is all about lately. he's into pirates and popeye, han solo and indiana jones, costumes and singing, puzzles and board games, hide and seek and playing tag, kipper and caillou. he's cracking us up and driving us crazy. often within the same 2 minutes.

pinata whacking
we had a quiet family celebration the day of his birthday with a papa home from work early, a few little gifts, and some mini cupcakes. what the boy really wanted was a pirate party (with a robot) and that day came the next saturday. many of our friends came to celebrate and play with henry. i had originally planned on making a pinata and then decided i would either make the cake or the pinata, not both. i opted for the cake. whether or not that was the best choice is still up in the air. all the kids had fun taking turns whacking the pinata with henry's sword but i do believe if i had made it not everyone may have had a turn. i didn't put much candy in there, mainly little toys. i did put some mints in there with pirate wrappers and those are what henry went for when it finally burst. he was focused! and i noticed many of the other kids were too. one went for all the super bouncy balls, one went for the rings, and one went for the smarties. i realized after everyone went home that i had left an entire bag of goodies(toys) on top of the refrigerator that i had meant on putting in goody bags because they wouldn't fit in the pinata. guess what we're handing out this halloween?
the booty

i learned a few things about myself while getting this party going and ending it.
i am not a good planner. i have grand ideas and tend to get carried away. luckily, i know this and was able to get realistic with myself the closer it got to the party. hence, the store bought pinata.

i think i really may be a hermit. i avoided leaving the house and buying things for this party as much as possible. part of this is because i really don't enjoy shopping and partly because of where i live. i avoid atlanta area traffic as much as possible.

i am not a cake maker. at all. of course, i went a little crazy with the cake, but i have no patience for this stuff. i want to slap it all together and have it done. AND have it look cute. henry's cake was a structural nightmare (okay, it could have been worse). and i used the frosting like it was spackle. not good with a crumbly cake. fortunately, i have a sweet husband who happens to be a sculptor who came in and rescued the cake. he did an awesome job! and that boy loved the cake so much. he wanted to swipe frosting from it all day long and resisted. he also opened the refrigerator to show everyone when they got to the party saying, "look at my new pirate cake!". his love for the cake made it so worth the late night making it!
the cake

i am not the hostess with the mostess. and to be honest, i have no desire to be. this is something that used to bother me but i have come to accept that i just lack certain social skills. i do my best, what can i say? and kids parties? not my forte (and i have no desire for them to be). this party made me ready for the days of sleep-overs where we can just make some pizza and rent some movies. and i have a feeling this party was nothing compared to what i have coming to me (because truly it wasn't that bad - i am just a wuss).

i am, however, a cape maker (more on that later). i have been waiting so long to make this boy a cape and this just seemed like the perfect timing. i took him with me to the fabric shop and without knowing i was making anything for him, i had him pick out fabrics. i think he did a great job.
the cape


i'd say all in all the boy had a great birthday week (he still thinks its his birthday). we are so thankful to our friends and family who helped make this a great birthday for him. he got many thoughtful gifts and he has enjoyed all of them. he's even sharing with bea! (except the legos). i can't wait to see what this year brings for him, it being the year of the magic number and all!