yes. it's still raining.

lots of rain in these parts lately. i'm hoping when it goes it takes the humidity with it. i get really grouchy when it's this humid. we've been making trips to the library, bookstore, home improvement store, yarn shops, grocery stores. you name it - i'm looking for a reason to go there. fortunately, it seems to be more for my sanity than the littles.
um, it's raining here
i honestly have never seen this much rain in the 8.5 years i have lived here. in savannah it flooded anytime you had a good rain, but here? nope. crazy things happening here. schools closing, businesses closing, a lot of roads closed. i heard this morning we had 15 inches of rains since friday. that was before it rained all day! as of now it doesn't look like it is going to let up much until sunday.

the good news is we may be out of our drought situation.
and we have a lot of puddles to stomp.
bench monday


  1. our rain has not arrived yet.
    but I am confident the day will come. it always does.

  2. Crazy, but I love rain. Too much of it turns into just liking it though. What a fun Mama to let your kids stomp through the puddles.. I still do this :)
    Hardly a drop of rain around here.. maybe that is why I am missing it. You can have some cool Montana weather and I will trade you for some rain drops.


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