10 on 10

the blog is being revived!
some fellow bloggers finally motivated me to jump back in and i couldn't be in better company. i'll probably start off slow (blogger feels rusty to me), so bear with me and pardon the cobwebs and piles of dust lying around here. i'll spruce things up as i get the hang of this again. in the meantime, i've joined an amazing circle of photographers to do a monthly project called 10 on 10. on the 10th day of each month we'll post 10 photos and give you a link to the next photographer.

the heat here (as well as everywhere else it seems) has been brutal. we had a stretch where we weren't spending a lot of time outdoors. well, we'd had enough of that and decided to make a day of getting out of the house. we started off downtown playing in the fountains, sweating our asses off at the playground, grabbing googie burgers for lunch, playing frisbee and chasing pigeons.

we ended our day closer to home and checked out the local first friday (though we did more people watching than anything. matt kept pointing out people he thought looked like kenny powers). the heat was still stifling but we fought it back by enjoying some gelato and an adult refreshment or two (this ramped up the spot kenny powers game as you may have guessed). we headed across the street when the kids spied a large bounce house only to discover that there would be a free screening of the sandlot (one of my favorite movies) when the sun went down.

it was a nearly perfect sweat-soaked day.

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