henry had his four year check up yesterday. they tested his ears and say his hearing is just fine.

i beg to differ.


peek a boo.

just popping in again.

listening to the black keys and about to bake a certain girl's birthday cake. somehow bea will turn 2 tomorrow. and she is ready. especially for her pink (by request) cake.
she can't decide if she want's to go on a hike and have a birthday picnic or go to the museum and have a birthday picnic. tonight she said both. maybe we'll wait until we're in the car tomorrow before we ask again.

the pendulum of life has been swinging pretty hard between the good and the bad here lately. nothing i want to get into, yet. just life stuff. i'm just glad that when it has been good it has been really good.

my dslr is still in disrepair, but i hope to have it return soon. in the meantime, i am enjoying film, except when i really screw up the shot and with film i think that's pretty hard to do - but i am managing just fine a little too often. not to complain to much because i love the excitement and anticipation of getting the pictures back and thrill of seeing the ones that turned out better than i imagined.
i need a film fund and i'm open to donations, because i don't want to give this up.

so, here's a little film-y goodness for your viewing pleasure. i'll be back around these parts again soon.

it's almost here.
i'm still here.

morning light.