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Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

the crafting community. because you people seriously rock and know how to open your hearts.

if you are like me and a little slow to the game then maybe you haven't heard about craft hope's etsy store - craft hope for haiti. if you haven't (i just learned about it over the weekend) you really should check it out. so many lovely and unique hand crafted items for sale with all proceeds going to doctors without borders. as of this morning they have had over 1000 sales and have raised over $20,000!!!

my donation at craft hope for haiti was posted early this evening and has already sold! ***thank you***

if you haven't made a donation they are taking a break from accepting donations for a couple weeks. they still have hundreds more to post! keep checking in with them though because the store IS still open and they may be accepting more donations at a later time. and don't forget that craft hope always has a donation project going. project 6 is still underway and there is plenty of time to knit that up by they february 14 deadline.



i haven't meant to be away from here so much. i feel a bit out of touch, though i am trying to keep up with all of you!
i will probably not be back until next week. matt is away working and well, i have given myself a full schedule while he is away.
part of it involves working on his website as much as i can. i've slacked off quite a bit on that and it's time to resume.
today i photographed a few pieces we didn't have pictures of and re-shot some that we weren't happy with.
i'm also trying to switch websites. i want it just so and it's not quite there. it may be a constant WIP, but i'd like to get it all up and running soon.

the girl

so pardon the absence, i am still here and will return shortly!



just some samples from my 365 project. so far so good. i know it's only the second week, but if this was one of my 52 weeks projects i'd almost be ready to abandon ship. yet with this project i'm still pretty gung ho!
at the circus
semi-swimmingwhat i would have rather have been doing.i couldn't tell.

and meet my first stranger.


new projects

i've decided this year will be a busy year for me. my knitting queue, which was large, is getting larger. i have high hopes for some larger projects this year. sweaters, socks, and lace, oh my!

my confidence in sewing is growing so that to do list is growing also. must learn to sew a zipper. and buttonholes. those are definitely some obstacles i need to overcome.

also on my list is the desire to cook more. though i couldn't even get the couscous right the other night, but i won't let that deter me. luckily, i have a love affair with our clay pot and it is hard to screw anything up when cooking in that.

and on the photography front. well, right now i feel brave and excited but in a couple months brave may easily be replaced with deranged. i have taken on a few new projects to hopefully inspire and educate me. the first is the 365 project. i have failed to complete the 52 weeks project. three times. ouch. why i think i might complete this i have no clue. but i am going to try. (of course, i go out of town the day after i start and have no way to upload my pictures - but the photos are being taken!).
she wasn't good.

and then, i was inspired by justmakeit and decided to give it a go. the 100 strangers project is something i have been wanting to do for over a year. i can be a bit shy and have a really difficult time approaching strangers. i consider myself lacking some basic social skills quite honestly. last year we were in florida and i snuck this picture. i've always thought it would have been a great start to the 100 strangers project and i've regretted not taking that chance then.

so, now i find myself back in florida at about the same time of year (give or take a week or two) and i didn't want to have those regrets two years in a row. i took my first photo for the project and can't wait to share it with you. next week, when i can upload those photos.

until then, happy new year to all of you who take time from your busy lives to stop by here! i appreciate you so much and look forward to sharing the new year with you.
i'd love to know what projects are on your list.