lately i feel like i have more shadows than i should at one time. not enough quiet and calm to break up the noise and chaos. some days i can take this in stride, while other days i feel like all coping skills have mysteriously vanished and may never be seen again. i feel like hiding away sometimes and the other night i did. as soon as dinner was finished i bolted up the stairs telling matt i needed at least 10 minutes, ducked into the bedroom and locked the door. i put some music on and laid on the floor next to the bed. the lock is faulty, so my hope was that if a noisy small person came in i might not be found.

i was found, but sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes of breathing in a room that you have all to yourself. that night i think i got 12 minutes.


this is from one hello world. you should go check it out.

it reminded me of this a little bit.


made in the shade.

made in the shade.

spent some time under here today with henry and bea. just us and the laundry. hanging out.

i was working in the garden trying to prep it for fall planting (which probably should have been done at least a week ago). it's hard to think about a fall/winter garden when it's still in the 90's.

so there i was moving dirt around with two batman's running rampant around the yard when one collided with the clothesline pole. she needed some love and i was lured away from my task. she wasn't really hurt, she just really likes to be snuggled. so we set up camp for a bit under the laundry and enjoyed the privacy and the shade. and i enjoyed the company and conversation.

the garden can wait.


in summary.


i haven't been blogging (obviously), but i also haven't been reading blogs either. maybe a post here and there, but that's it. today i opened up my blog roll and i am behind on reading 867 posts. ha! now, in all honesty, there a several blogs that i just skim (certain photo and design type blogs). then there are those that i like to get lost in, so if i don't have the time - i don't open them until i do. this is the weekend i think i'm going to make that time. i feel the need to catch up and not feel so far behind. i also think this is the weekend i need to whittle down my blog list (like those blogs i skim, for example.). this was supposed to be the summer of simplifying. i think the simplifying will be carried over into the fall and most likely the winter. i'm okay with that. it's a process.

looking forward to catching up with many of you!


it's official.

it's official.

i am officially ready for summer to move on out of here. i'm ready for cooler weather. jeans and cardigans. leaves crumpling under foot. the smell of autumn. bonfires and smores. the list could go on and on.

school's are entering their third week here. that doesn't mean much to me except that i know fall is around the corner. it tempts me to start packing away the swimsuits and shorts and break out the jeans and socks. i almost did it today, but restrained myself. i know i've good a good month or so of summer left.

i'm just ready for the season to change. henry must know it too, because he brought this leaf in just for me and set it on the kitchen table without saying a word.



finally made it to metropolis.


country road.