it's official.

it's official.

i am officially ready for summer to move on out of here. i'm ready for cooler weather. jeans and cardigans. leaves crumpling under foot. the smell of autumn. bonfires and smores. the list could go on and on.

school's are entering their third week here. that doesn't mean much to me except that i know fall is around the corner. it tempts me to start packing away the swimsuits and shorts and break out the jeans and socks. i almost did it today, but restrained myself. i know i've good a good month or so of summer left.

i'm just ready for the season to change. henry must know it too, because he brought this leaf in just for me and set it on the kitchen table without saying a word.


  1. I'm not ready yet and autumn is already here in my nook of the world. We had such a short summer - it came late and only lasted 5 weeks. I'll swap you some sunshine for some cool crisp evenings if you like?

  2. I'll trade you, too! Take my chilly evenings! Take my cold feet! Take my worry that there is not enough time for the tomatoes to ripen and I want them badly! Give me another month of summer, PLEASE! : )

  3. good boy henry.
    yes and i am on the side of diane's fence. no wait not yet please wait./ be kind fall be long and lingering and gentle. please. for winter rides so close behind.

  4. i just found your blog, i love love love it.

    did you take that photo? it is gorgeous, and i definitely agree, im a little over summer. :)



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