in summary.


i haven't been blogging (obviously), but i also haven't been reading blogs either. maybe a post here and there, but that's it. today i opened up my blog roll and i am behind on reading 867 posts. ha! now, in all honesty, there a several blogs that i just skim (certain photo and design type blogs). then there are those that i like to get lost in, so if i don't have the time - i don't open them until i do. this is the weekend i think i'm going to make that time. i feel the need to catch up and not feel so far behind. i also think this is the weekend i need to whittle down my blog list (like those blogs i skim, for example.). this was supposed to be the summer of simplifying. i think the simplifying will be carried over into the fall and most likely the winter. i'm okay with that. it's a process.

looking forward to catching up with many of you!


  1. as it goes.
    I am heading into my last weekend before I go back to work and I am feeling very relaxed ...and thankful. enjoy.

  2. My mom and dad have had that saying on a magnet on the fridge since I was a kid! I always say it.
    Yea.. I am behind too. Making things simple is so good for the soul. I hope you are having a great summer and happy to see your post tonight!

  3. i can sooo relate. my MIL has a sign in her bathroom that reads "the hurrier i go the behinder i get". i get that too. and can i just say, your facebook profile page i spy in your sidebar is stunning!

  4. I was just thinking the same thing Molly - about Jessica's FB pic! It is stunning!
    And everything you said in your post is part of the terror of returning to blogging - I can't afford to get entirely sucked back in. I want blogging to be free and easy and just something I do because it adds to my life, not something that takes away from my life. Hmmmmm, maybe I should post that somewhere near the computer - "IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, HERE, CREATING POSTIVE ENERGY OR NEGATIVE ENERGY?"

    Good luck with your process! p.s. if my blog is one you could do without I won't be offended if you drop it from your list! :)

  5. i love reading your posts, there is such a smooth rhythm to the words, very nice and fun to read. and did you take this photo, i love it.
    i agree with you on simplicity!


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