not much to say lately. the words will come back. for now maybe just some visuals.

have night will travel.


the norm.

the norm.

a typical conversation around here lately.

"mom? mommy? mom?"
"i said what?"
"mom - o!"
"mom. mom. mom."
"i'm listening."
"what henry?"

repeat 43 times a day.


mini onion farm.

this morning i made it out of the house before 10 a.m. (with the littles). that almost never happens. we were on a mission.



last year we didn't know what we were doing in our garden (we still don't, but there's a little more confidence). we planted onions and picked them early and ate them all in a couple days. they were sooooo good. this year we expanded the garden just a bit and this year i planted lots of onions, but still not enough. it's pretty safe to say i eat onions almost daily. is that weird? so, the majority of the garden is now onions. but we did also get leeks, peas, and one more bell pepper plant.

speaking of peas, last year i think the peas made into the house only once. the rest were consumed standing right next to the plant. so, with luck we'll have about 6 to 7 times as many plants this year and maybe, just maybe some will make it to the dinner table. either that, or we'll just be eating outside more.

love clouds.

the garden is just about complete. we still need tomatoes and a few herbs but we'll pick those up this weekend at the farmers market. this is what we have so far:

spinach, radish, squash, cukes, peas, leeks, onions, carrots, eggplant, beets, kale, swiss chard, peppers, mint, basil, parsley, sunflowers. and i'm pretty sure henry chucked a pumpkin seed or two in there somewhere. some of these got in a little late, but it seems we planted late last year too and most everything did fine. hope the same goes for this year.

if you have a garden, what have you got growing?