10 on 10

today i patched up a beloved stuffie that a certain dog mauled in broad daylight. i still have a large tear at the bottom to fix up. i thought we would have to call him frankenfrog, but i did an impressive job (considering my ability) and we can still just call him frog. every one was treated to hair cuts and either iced americanos or ice cream. no question as to which one i chose. a trip to the library proved frustrating, which is usually the norm in my case, but this time it wasn't because they didn't have the books i was looking for. no, it was because every bathroom was closed. who does that? would you not leave at least one bathroom open for your patrons? i'm still perplexed by this, but i digress . . .
we received some much needed rain. the rain made the chalk that was left in the driveway perfectly suitable for coloring bea's hair (once it was dried and combed it looked really cute). she has been wanting pink hair for some time now. she literally gasped when she saw herself in the mirror. i think she was pleased with the chalk-do. boyd was relieved we finally made it home, but annoyed that we took so long getting in the house. because like me at the library, he really needed to go. one of the neighbor kids peeked in on us. again. i'm beginning to wonder if she has a schedule made up for looking in our windows. i think i'm noticing a pattern.  the day came to a close with a bit of backyard hooping, but sadly my hooping skills aren't on par with my minimal sewing abilities, so that didn't last too long. i'll try again tomorrow.

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