i haven't meant to be away from here so much. i feel a bit out of touch, though i am trying to keep up with all of you!
i will probably not be back until next week. matt is away working and well, i have given myself a full schedule while he is away.
part of it involves working on his website as much as i can. i've slacked off quite a bit on that and it's time to resume.
today i photographed a few pieces we didn't have pictures of and re-shot some that we weren't happy with.
i'm also trying to switch websites. i want it just so and it's not quite there. it may be a constant WIP, but i'd like to get it all up and running soon.

the girl

so pardon the absence, i am still here and will return shortly!


  1. Oh my, she is gorgeous. Looking forward to your return!

  2. No matter how much you are away, I will always come to visit.. life gets busy.

  3. Anonymous2/02/2010

    i think we should never apologize for life getting in the way.

    enjoy your work.


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