busy as a bea

oops. i mean bee : )

i wanted to share with you a little of what i have been doing and what i will continue to be doing.

My creation

this is the summer of sewing. i've all but abandoned the yarn. who am i kidding? i have completely abandoned yarn for the summer. my knitting bag has been sitting in the same spot for over a month now. it has been all about shorts and pants and now dresses for the little ones (okay the dresses are just for bea). i'm a total novice, but i am getting better the more i sew. more dresses are on the to do list for bea, pillowcases for henry have been started, and a shirt for me is on the horizon, and i am dreaming of sewing up some simple curtains for the girl. my sewing supplies have over taken the kitchen where i sew at our dining table and the ironing board is blocking the front door (so it's out of the way of the kids playing.). the satisfaction i feel when henry chooses to wear what i have made him over his other clothes is indescribable (it doesn't hurt that he refuses to wear pants or shorts that have a zipper). it just makes me smile. and when i sew him something with a fabric of his choice, his excitement on seeing the completed piece makes my heart skip! i think i am a woman obsessed. for the time being.

dress / pants
dress pattern can be found at habitual. and i used blue yonders bandana pants tutorial for the shorts and pants.
thank you, ladies for sharing these great patterns!

the dress was so new to me. i definitely have room for improvement, but the pattern is really simple. i have a hard time with store bought patterns for some reason. they can really frustrate me. but this dress pattern tutorial was so easy and i had no frustration with it all. it took me maybe an hour and half to make. that sounds like a long time, but i had the sewing machine in one room and the iron in another. and i'm slow on measuring. that's what took me the longest. and i wanted to go slow so i got it right. i'm happy to say that i think i did, too! so, this is what i will be doing. especially on those blistering hot afternoons that are right around the corner (hello, 90 degrees tomorrow)!


  1. awesome, possum. you have inspired me...

  2. Summer at it's best! Wonderful!!


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