summertime vice

i don't mean to call such an enabler (to many mama's, i'm sure) a vice, but it's true in my case. i couldn't do without it, even though i probably should. and my problem is i love it even more in the summer. cold. really really cold. so now i'm brewing the next pot to turn into cubes and the rest will go into the pitcher and sit getting good and cold in the fridge. oh, yum.

cubed and cold

just passing on this public service announcement. i know you're getting up to go make your coffee cubes right now, if you haven't already ; ) thank you, amy, for the reminder!


  1. oh. yes. a very good reminder.
    an iced coffee on a warm summer day is one of the best things.

  2. Yummy. I just started doing this with my leftovers.

  3. oooh, good idea! I bet this would be great with other drinks too! Now the wheels are turning... ; ) Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. we are slated for world domination, once we are getting regular sleep.

  5. well, to help induce the sleep i plan on adding some these good good cubes to good good white russian.

    regular sleep is not in the vocabulary here.


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