hard to believe

but i actually MADE something today! while my kids were awake!!!

henry and i had a little outing about a week or so ago. he loves a certain craft store and i wanted some girly fabric to make bea some summer pants (inspired by these) so off we went. i let henry help choose the fabric and then he found some fabric he wanted. i couldn't say no. even though i wanted to choose something else for him. i also picked up a few pairs of bandanas to make the perfect summer shorts/jammies. mrs. blue yonder has the easiest tutorial for these here. i attempted these last year but they never quite fit henry right. (that was my doing not the patterns).
kung fu!
hang time
summer jammies
so i dug out the sewing machine from the mess of a room that will not be mentioned and brought to the kitchen table. bea sat in her high chair with some cold water and some toys and the boy buzzed around me in pirate mode. i made a test pair that will be used for jammies, then made a pair of bandana shorts (and for bandana pants, no hemming! henry is just the right height for bandana pants!). since henry is smaller than the sizes recommended in the tutorial, i used a pair of his pajama pants as a guide. i can honestly say that i whipped these out so fast! i have never been able to say that in regards to sewing anything. i amazed myself! seriously, i may have some kind of crafty/sewy buzz.
summer uniform

so while the boy is napping i make him his pants with the fabric of his choice. this time i do take my time and make sure i get everything just so. i have a feeling these will be worn often. can't wait to surprise him when he wakes up : )
henry's choice
**best part of the day, while i was sitting at the sewing machine working on the test run, henry came up to me and told me i was doing a good job.**


  1. My boys would love these pants AND I guess if I had told them to choose fabric THIS would have been their choice too. We are having tipped tractors all over the house :-)

  2. Oh. I remember such a feeling of accomplishment when I finished a project for my children. I loved sewing for them when they were little - you could do so much with so little fabric. My son is 14 now and HUGE and it takes a lot of fabric to clothe his legs in pyjamas.

  3. seemownay - hello! i bet john deere fabric would be a big hit too : )
    how's that beautiful baby?

    rw - i am a beginner so anything i finish is an accomplishment! and i can imagine jammie pants for a 14 yr old would take quite a bit of fabric!!

  4. I got sucked into the same Soulemama post! Tuck has some cute little pants that I can't wait to photograph. My plan tomorrow: buy some bandnas & take some pictures!

  5. a -
    i can't wait to see the pictures!!
    those pants look so comfy, i'm going to be attempting a pair for me sometime soon!


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