flying the coop

well, the nesting is finally done (i hope). but not before i got really nutso. as in washing base boards crazy. i think that did it for me. i got my fix apparently. (i did want to rearrange the living room furniture, but that will have to wait).

so now that my house is cleaner that in has been since before henry was born this is how i'm going to try to spend the rest of my mornings until the littlest one arrives. a little decaf, a little knitting, and lots of snuggling up with my boy.

it has been so wonderful sharing these slow mornings with henry. many days we have fallen asleep lying in the bed listening to the leaves rustling in the wind. i really am trying to soak in these final (quiet) days of it just being the two of us, and also looking forward to the days when i have two little ones to snuggle with.


  1. Enjoy as long as you can. These moments are so precious and will never come again - there will be other precious moments but thy will be different. Hope you are doing well!

  2. thanks, i am enjoying them. we are having very lazy mornings together and just hanging out together. it's been great. and we are both doing well!

  3. Gorgeous photography here! I especially love your banner - it's fantastic! Happy knitting and happy nesting!


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