Man Socks

woohooo! another fo!
here are the man socks. best easy sock pattern EVER! (thank you, molly!)
they knit quick, are thick and cozy, and best of all they fit!
man sock side
manly man socks
i used a size 7 needle with worsted weight yarn from my stash. the main color is an unknown, the orange is berroco ultra alpaca.
i cast on 40 stitches and ran with it.
i do need to improve on my finishing skills. maybe i just get in too much of hurry when weaving in ends, but i did a pretty sloppy job to be honest. next time i will be more patient.


  1. hand knitted socks are what love feels like, if it was only worn on the foot.
    I have been known to wear the same pair of wool socks for one week straight. beware your husband's feet if this occurs.
    i'm a sloppy finisher too. onwards ho.

  2. Hurray for Man Socks!! The pictures you took are gorgeous. (And Manly...)

    Hey, where'd Matt go from your side bar?

  3. yay! completed man socks!

    matt's link in the sidebar was to etsy. he's doesn't have anything up there right now and we're not sure if he's going to put anything up for sale there again.
    i'm pressuring him to help me finish his website i started a year ago. not a priority for him right now though.

    amy- you crack me up. and i know you're serious b/c i've done the same thing.


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