the talented mr. matt

this is matt's newest creation. she's beautiful. she's one of my favorites (i think i say this after every new sculpture though). but she is. there is so much about her that i like. she actually has a partner too, but he is not finished yet.

my problem is trying to be the photographer of his sculptures. if i could master this it would be so beneficial (i.e., economical/convenient). i've been working on his website for ages now, and along with some other issues (ahem, matt), i'm finding that the pictures are just not up to par. for me. the background is so important, as well as the lighting. we need a permanent or semi-permanent set up for doing this. unfortunately, our garage is the only space available and well, i'll just say there won't be any pictures of the dungeon on this blog. so for now, we make feeble attempts outdoors. i can easily burn through 200+ photos and come out with only a handful i find worthy, and even then they don't seem quite right.

thank goodness his talent speaks for itself and shines through on its own.


  1. Wow, she's gorgeous. Amazing detail. It's hard to take these kinds of photos, isn't it?

    Hey, that floating baby thing over there is really creepy!! : ) I bet your baby doesn't have that much room to move around, eh? Only one way to go for yours -- out!

    Love the new banner!

  2. Ok, well I truly think your pictures have potential. The second one from the bottom is just great. But I know what you mean - taking pictures expressing excactly what we want is really hard.

  3. it is hard! especially when i need the sculpture to appeal to a wide variety of people. the hardest part is photographing the sculpture in its entirety. i actually enjoy the close-up, detail shots.

    the countdown thingy has been my way of knowing how far along i am. i always forget and people always ask - then i feel like a moron when i have to pause and think about it : )


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