summer was . . .

all about the cooking. and the anticipation. and the excitement. and the nerves (oh in so many ways). trying to prepare henry as best we can for what is surely going to rock his world a bit.
but, now the count is down to days instead of months and reality has set in. we are working on final preparations for this little bundle to arrive. getting caught up on laundry, making room for all the little baby 'stuff' like diapers, lotions, ointments, etc. - oh my! cleaning the car seat and putting that in the van, trying to clean the house and maintain it for when family and friends arrive to meet the new addition. oh, and napping, can't forget the napping.
we are as ready as we need to be friends and that is all that matters. all this other stuff is just to keep me busy and my mind from going crazy.

6 weeks to go

summer growth

*if anyone has some advice/good stories to share on how to help henry with this transition, i would love to hear them. i may be just a little anxious about how
he will deal with all this. i think he'll be great, but if he does have a difficult
time in the beginning i want to be prepared. or is that possible?


  1. I have no 2 baby experience to share with you, but I hear you loud and clear! I'm sure that the apprehension can be loud at times.
    p.s. - I love your shadow in the top right hand corner's picture...

  2. yes, there are moments where it is deafening, but still looking forward to the adventure!

  3. No suggestions (twins will do that to you), but you look adorable. If the sister had cable, I'm sure she would offer advice. I think that they bought Gus a doll about two weeks before Tuck came and had him "care" for it leading up to the birth.

  4. how many months apart will they be? mine were 23 months. i thought i was making him a sweet playmate-forever friend. but she had colic and well frankly he was terrified of her. all i can say is we muddles through try to give him some alone time as well with you or your man as much as possible. on a good note now 2 and 4 they love each other wildly. fight madly as well, just real life. :) real crazy messy. good luck can't wait to see your new babe.

  5. they will be about 25 months or so apart. i can only imagine how crazy my life is about to be! i do look forward to the day when they will play and really like each other (even with all the fighting i'm sure will occur).

  6. Ava was right. I've been waiting for cable. The doll didn't really do anything for Gus. People told me to have him help all the time. Bring diapers, pacifiers, nursing items, etc. He didn't really care too much about Tuck. I made sure to keep playing with him, but I was really lucky to have a newborn that slept all day & a sound sleeper as a toddler. I'd put Tuck in the wrap & color, read, cook, play with Gus every moment I could. I'm also lucky that Gus has always been good at playing on his own. He got extra attention when Tuck came along. He's just started to really be interested in the baby. He tries to wrestle with him (not good, but Tuck loves it) & brings him toys to actually play with not just stop him from crying by our request. When the power was out, we caught them laughing at each other from their beds. And right now, Tuck LOVES everything Gus does which is so cute to watch. In the end, I'm not sure that there's anything that can prepare a house for a second baby. Our mom swears she did everything to include Ava when I came along. And only now, Ava says that she hated me for years. She hid it fairly well, but see how that relationship has turned? You guys will be fine. Busy, but more than okay! If you're using them, watch how fast wipes disappear.



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