she's grumpy

yesterday was a rough day. i slept all of about 3 hours. a middle of the night potty trip did me in. it's like clockwork. every morning at 3:00 am. this time i just couldn't really fall back asleep. so my day started out on a sour note. to make matters worse i realized at about 9:30 in the morning that after being a complete grump to matt before he left for work that i had also forgotten to tell him happy birthday (at least i told him i loved him). then i called him in tears apologizing for being such a horrible, grumpy wife. i'm so fortunate to have such an understanding husband.

the rest of the day i spent waddling around like a zombie trying to complete everyday and not so everyday tasks. a trip to the store for forgotten ingredients to make the birthday cake (red velvet - is that a guy thing?). then home to make lunch and put a boy down for his nap. then fighting back tears (mainly from exhaustion) and for realizing i still forgot one necessary ingredient and will now have to make another dreaded trip to the store after the boy's nap which means the cake making cannot commence until matt returns from work.

in the meantime, i made a new recipe from this book. homemade coleslaw. i am picky when it comes to coleslaw. as a matter fact i rarely like it. this recipe i liked and was pleased that it actually came out well. the only thing i wasn't so fond of was hand squeezing the liquid out of the cabbage. it was a little time consuming. i'm sure there is any easier way to do it, but in my frame of mind yesterday i just went with it.

i made it through the day and matt made it through his birthday and the nearly unbearable wife. it probably didn't help that i reminded him that he's six candles shy of forty. (see, i was grumpy).

so, for today i plan on the boy and i not taking a trip anywhere, watching a movie, and knitting as much as possible.
then tonight matt & i are gearing up for our first ever garage sale. stop on by this saturday for some good deals. we are
cleaning house!


  1. Hrmph... I was reading along thinking OHHHH, poor poor pregnant lady! Certainly he forgave her for being so awful!! But then I got to the crack about being six candles shy of forty...

    : )

  2. he did forgive me. he even said not to worry about the cake and that i should go lie down. HA! and not make cake? i don't think so.
    in my defense it wasn't so much a crack as an observance. but i couldn't light all the candles on the cake because the lighter started to melt. seriously.

  3. You know, miss, some day -- and I'm guessing it won't be TOO long -- you're going to be melting lighters yourself!! Bonfires will be on your cake!! And no one will show you any mercy...

    : )

    Can you tell that I'm feeling not so many candles shy of forty?!

  4. no, i certainly feel it lurking around the corner.
    we'll have to use those long fireplace matches and give up on the lighters : )


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