or yet multi-attempting, which in my case is basically the same thing seeing as how i can barely finish anything i start lately (and that would include typing a coherent sentence).
i have several knitting projects up on the blocks. one big and a few small. oh, and a tiny one i finished a while ago but have been to lazy to take a picture of.

first up are the matchy-matchy socks for the new babe (if they fit). when i was within rows of finishing the babe's blanket i thought i was going to run out of yarn so i bought another skein. just in case. well, i didn't need it. so, i thought i would make some cute little baby socks.

i used the kelley baby socks pattern by courtney kelley (i found the link on ravelry). it's just a very basic ribbed sock for tiny feet. i think one sock turned out wider than the other, but i'm at the point where i really don't mind. i think i am going to make a pair for henry in the near future with the same koigu and some leftover yarn from shirley's hat. i was thinking of doing the heel and toe in the contrasting color. i might want a pair for me.

i'm also making slight progress on the ursa sweater. so far, i am loving the yarn. the color is about as close to perfect as i could get since i had already envisioned how it would look finished. i was having a bit of an issue with the decreases. i'm not sure what or if anything happened, but they appeared to be off a bit. i let it rest for a day and when i came back to it i decided it wasn't too bad and hopefully it's nothing a little blocking can't fix.

tonight i cast on for another project. this is a sock-a-long i am doing with diane and molly. We have deemed the project 'man socks'. each of our husbands would like to have a pair of hand knit socks, so we are going to humor them and attempt to make some rather large socks. molly is a clever knitter though and just happened to have a pattern that called for worsted weight on size 7 needles. thank goodness! so when progress begins to show on that project, i will be willing to share.

in the meantime, i will be trying to knit like a crazy woman for the next couple of weeks before things really start to get busy around here. i'm telling you, it is a borderline miracle if i can make it through the day without a nap.

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  1. those socks are adorable. you appear to be quite a clever knitter yourself :) baby socks are so much fun to knit. hope you get a nap today!


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