Summer was . . .

full of travels. First, back home to Illinois visiting Matt's family and all of us being a part of George and Jess' wedding.
Lazy days spent next to the lake enjoying warm sun and relaxing breezes.

Then a reunion of sorts with my family, meeting up on Topsail Island, NC, a trip the entire family took together 22 years ago. More lazy days spent near the water in the warm sun and relaxing breezes.

It can be so difficult with two families (especially ones as large as ours) finding the time to see everyone as much as we'd like to. I feel we were so fortunate to visit with both sides of our family this year, especially in the summertime. These will be memories we won't forget and that we were so happy to be a part of.


  1. Great photos! It's got to be difficult traveling, keeping up with the kids and expecting, too! How did you DO it?!

    Good luck on your upcoming delivery!

  2. you take such beautiful pictures! i adore the one with the stacked round pebbles.

  3. kyla - lots of help from my great husband and Henry is a good boy -so imagine that helps a lot too.

    molly - thank you! that picture is one of my favorites too.


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