bring it on

We are being teased with fall-like weather in these parts (I say teased because it may not last). The weekend was beautiful! beautiful! with highs in the 70's!!!! We opened the windows, turned the fans down a bit and enjoyed the beautiful light streaming in through our dirty windows. It seems that the expected highs for our area for the next week are staying in the 70' to low 80's. You have no idea how happy. this. makes. me!
I am ready for the sounds and smells of autumn and it could not be coming at a better time.

There is something about the physical change in the seasons that gets me geared up for cleaning. Which is a good thing, because our entire house needs it. Inside and out. Our project list seems to be growing, which even as we talk about things we'd like/need to do, I know its a joke. I'm guessing a third of it will get done by winter. If we're lucky. I'm talking about repainting rooms, tearing down the rotting front porch and building a larger, covered one in its place, and the endless yard maintenance that needs/should be done.

I spent much of the weekend in our bedroom. Cleaning/nesting, whatever you want to call it. One room down and it feels good to know that if I accomplish nothing else, the baby's space is prepared and inviting (and clean!). It was a good room to corner myself into even with the weather so nice. The light was perfect along with the breeze and in the evenings I sat in bed knitting listening to the crickets. Now that it's done, I'm not sure I will want to leave my room.

The other thing I did on Saturday was a little experiment. Matt bought this ginger ale on Friday and I had a sip that evening. WHOA! It had some kick to it. He jokingly said maybe it would induce me. I had a few sips through out the night and it really got that baby bouncing and moving. So on Saturday I had an entire bottle to myself, just to see if it would work.

Nope, it didn't. Potent ginger ale does not do the trick, but it was a pretty tasty treat!


  1. Hey - I tried to kick out Baby No 2 two weeks early - because everything was ready. But he was not. When he came in the end, he walked in "through the front door in minutes" ... I'll never do that again!

  2. well, we're just hanging in here. i am sooooo ready.

  3. yeah, i tried to kick aidan out two weeks early too by grouting our tile floor. he held on for another week :) if i only knew how much i would miss being pregnant i would have done anything to make him stay in longer.

    i love the light this time of year too, but the drop in temp has me anxious to get things done too. the list is long, but i'm hoping to make a small dent this week. which means knitting needs to be placed on the back burner. bummer.

  4. molly - if you are talking about that gorgeous bathroom you blogged about with the hex tiles - you are a mad woman! (i love your bathroom, by the way)

    and i'm okay to get down on the floor it's the coming back up that's really. really. really. difficult.

  5. I realized after coming to this site for the fourth time in 2 days that I am on baby lookout...

  6. Why we have that need to nest is beyond me, but it's there. Luckily for me I was still in a college apartment and really didn't care too much about it. Otherwise, I probably would have popped the girls out in mid-paintbrush stroke.


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