Summer was . . .

Our summer here was full of so many things. I think one of the more memorable things for me will be that this was the summer of bugs and critters for our boy. He's always had interest in them, but this was the year he was brave enough to touch them and pick them up. Most of the time - there were a few exceptions. This was the summer that made me get over my fear of the creepy crawly things too. I can't really expect my boy to explore and look closer at the creatures if his mama says "ewwwww, get that away from me" every time he shows interest in a wee little creature, no matter how many legs it may have. I have my exceptions too, though.

Thanks, Molly, for this great idea for winding down the last week of the season and transitioning into the new (at least for some of you).

Please feel free to join in sharing your summer memories with everyone during the week.


  1. i know exactly what you mean about the "ewww" - a few years ago i made a concentrated effort to get over my aversion to touching creepy, crawly things. i wanted my kids to have the type of mom who picked up bugs and reptiles and amphibians. so far, so good - i've only screamed a few times.

  2. That one of him covered in- what is that - slugs? - priceless. Frame that at his wedding.

  3. amy - those are cicade shells (skins). we have them all over the yard and trees. we could probably collect buckets of them.

    molly - i'm trying, but some things i just can't bring myself to touch.


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