so this week's assignment for the c & c photography workshop was all about telling a story with color. and if i thought i had a difficult time last week, i really struggled with this one. this week i had the ideas but i just couldn't execute them. i tried several things and just was not happy with anything. then i lost my battery charger for the camera and thought maybe i should bust out some (very valued) film. it was tempting, but i found the charger! and then i had an ordeal that i needed to tend that kept me on the phone and on the computer much of today. i didn't think i would be able to post anything, and i was really upset with myself for letting this assignment slip. and then it happened . . .

the garden expansion.

green dip
make a diptych.

use the colors complement (red). and add a person.

green blur
an unfocused one.


make one image a square.




dogwood. not blooming.

it's been a busy day here, but i look forward to seeing everyone else's colors tomorrow!


  1. bright and vibrant and great green! just think how lush your garden will be in only a few months. love the first fence photo with the little bit of sun flare. nice!

  2. Green is one of my favorites. Love your beautiful green photos. The one with the child in it is my favorite but the fance is wonderful too. I like that you used two different sizes for the diptych.

  3. Heavy-machinery-green! Love it! Very original take :) Love the shot with your son - looks like he's hanging out after a day of hard graft :) And the fence with the bit of wire, inspired! Beautiful green leaves, too!
    (and I love your banner!)

  4. This is a fabulous series!! I like all the shots and they tell a great story with a start, middle, and end. Love the fence shots!!

    ditto the love for the new banner!! :)

  5. I'm so glad it ended up coming together. I realise now looking at everyone's photos that I didn't really follow the rules this week. Oops! But you managed right at the last minute to pull off some great photos. Love the story of the spring-time garden renovation.

  6. ...and then it happened. Love that! So fun toread that it came together, happens to me so much...last minute.
    Very nice vintage feel to the first images,the blur and closeups...so creative and clever. So glad that you posted...I am inspired.

  7. Those are the perfect shots, sometimes things are just meant to be! I love green.


  8. Love your green. It looks like you got a start on a garden there!


  9. Love how you turned a roto tiller into artistic photos! The green is bright and vibrant and the pictures are great!

  10. I love when the family gets in on the action....they sure humor us, don't they? Great photos...of what looks like a great day!

  11. Anonymous4/11/2010

    I love the fence. Something so tough looking so soft. I like that. And I love this color green because I love what it represents--a purposeful spring and growing things. : )

  12. Anonymous4/12/2010

    Those are happy photos! I love when things come together...sort of like the universe helps you out. I like the square shot where it looks like a face with a wide open mouth. They're all really good and very unique.

  13. The beautiful green story:)
    Good work, a unique choice.

  14. Anonymous4/12/2010

    I love the shots of your fence. Everything about it really spoke volumns. good shots. I hope this week is the easiest for you yet and no more computer/camera probs. :0)

  15. great green story here...loving the fence shots ;)
    well done~

  16. ooooh, that was fun. the tractor shot with your boy in the red chair is nice, feels like an old-fashioned photo to me. green is a really uplifting color, your photos are making me aware of this. thank you.

  17. You did it and it turned out just great. I especially like the blur of the child in the chair and the man's red shirt. Nice blurs and close-ups. Some time, try tilting your camera when you shoot something like the grid. Love that little tendril.

  18. I love green!!! These shots are great! I adore the one of the fence with the sunflare...gorgeous!

  19. Oh how wonderful!!! Last minute inspiration is so cool! This is truly inspired and I love the greenreadwithaperson shot!! How cute is that little bokeh chair and boy!!!


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