slow day.

today was about snuggling with a sick boy and letting him escape into movies. a lot of them. it was about not caring if he took 3 naps because he was so feverish and tired. it was indulging him in super hero popsicles that i would not normally buy and letting him have 2 of them. today was relishing the calmness that his illness brought, as sorry as i am that he felt so horrible.

today's line up.

today was watching bea explore the house on her own and play her own games with out mimicking big brother. it was watching her stack towers of blocks, pick any cars she wanted, and see the busy work she so enjoys. today was watching her care for her brother and give him all the hugs he wanted with out telling him "NO!".



  1. You've got to indulge your children with popsickles when they are running a fever - it is a motherly must. And I love watching Will wander about finding things to do. Right now he's playing with Duplo blocks, a few minutes ago he went and helped himsel to some cereal. Amazing to watch a toddler's mind at work.

  2. A beautiful perspective on a sick day. I admit that as long as there is not puke and as long as there is a speedy recovery I kind of like sick days. I get a lot of knitting done. And cuddling.


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