let there be light.

today marks the last assignment from the c & c photography workshop. this assignment was about light and abstract. once again i felt like i was struggling. i was hitting some creative walls with this one and i also had little ones wanting to play and 'help' with the process. i was a little distracted, let's say. so, while i don't feel like i quite nailed this assignment, i'm pleased with a few of the shots and grateful for the push to look at a few plants in a new light.

1. get up close.

2. crop/abstract.

3. different angle.
different angle.

4. reflection.

5. landscape.

6. your choice. a favorite taken during the workshop. and why.
out of focus.
this is one of my favorites because i like playing with negative space and using a blurred effect. i liked the contrast of the front part of the stone being in focus while the rest of the shot was out of focus. i really like all these colors together and the strong lines in the picture, too.

one last thing:
list 3 things learned/gained/observed during the workshop.

1. reflection shots are not my strong suit!

2. i am more comfortable shooting spontaneously. setting up shots and pre-thinking arrangements put me on edge. which is silly. once done i enjoyed the process. i tend to over think things and this was no exception. in the end, i liked being nudged out of that comfort zone.

3. while i am comfortable with my camera, i need to gain more technical knowledge. i'd like to shoot more purposefully.

thank you so much to carolyn and camilla for hosting this! this was my first workshop and i enjoyed it and the feedback so much.


  1. Very nice
     2 and 4, amazing photos.

  2. It looks like you had fun playing with the light. Love the iris and the leaf back.

  3. Anonymous4/17/2010

    I think the flower shots are just perfect. The first 2, wow! I agree, your last shot is really cool. I don't know why I didn't think to do a blurred landscape. I didn't do one at all because I didn't have time to get anywhere "pretty" but I could have done a blurred one in my neighborhood. Well, there's always tomorrow, right? It's been a pleasure to see your photos. I'm going to keep checking back on all the participants' blogs because you are all so good.

  4. Wow! I would say you nailed it...the top two are amazing!! And I'm still trying to figure out the reflection shot!! good job!! :)

  5. Wow girl those are amazing! I can't pick a favorite because I love them all. Well, no I think the leaf shot is pretty darn amazing! And I agree that shooting spontaneously is how I do pictures too. I think that's why I feel more enlightened after this workshop.


  6. I too love the leaf shot, but all seem instructive...and I like your favorite shot very much!

  7. amazing light and angles and loveliness... all just so perfect...

    i am also more comfy shooting spontaneously.....

    so nice to follow your loveliness thru the journey...

    best to you!

  8. The first two photos are just amazing. I love your photos they are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I'll be checking in regulary on your lovely blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. beautiful ending to a beautiful workshop.
    so glad i was able to see all of your fabulous work here...love the bokeh.

  10. The leaf if my favourite shot, it almost looks like fabric. I also loved your lavendar shots with the blue, blue background.

  11. They are all such beautiful shots, I love the leaf. Your favourite is mine because of the shade of blue in the space.


  12. Your close-up of the iris - beauty! And the abstract is gorgeous too! And I LOVE your reflection shot - daisies always transport me straight back to my childhood & long summer days :) And I appreciate your choice of favourite - love the blue and the texture and the hint of green... I'm so going to miss the challenges of the workshop - and to see what everyone else came up with!

  13. Anonymous4/18/2010

    I loved the green leaf with all the detail in it. Wow! Thank you for sharing your photos & blog.

  14. The color strikes me first. Love your processing, fresh and vintagy, you are really good at that. Loving your perspectives, unique and unexpected. The blur and negative space is super good, not too mention reflection...love your images. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and admire your work this past month. Love how you see things and your creativity.
    Keep in touch.

  15. Your picture for this assignment are wonderful! The close up, abstract leafy veins, and look at those orbs of light! I think your reflection picture is great.


  16. heather4/18/2010

    it's funny to me that you feel like you didn't nail this assignment.....i feel like you TOTALLY did. each one gets me! your tea cup reflection is the best! the purple in the first photo is magical. such amazing complimentary color effect in the iris!

  17. love the color story
    especially the reflection.
    i also really like the last photo -
    the one you chose as a fave.

  18. I quite enjoyed watching the process.
    Hoping for a good Monday!

  19. Your abstract is beautiful, and helps me to understand abstract more...I really find that hard. Your photos are a real pleasure to look at.

  20. each of these images is absolutely beautiful. from color to light to texture to composition, they each shine in their own way. i had admired your final shot in the earlier assignment and am so glad you included it here -- the focus and color and strong lines make it a stand-out. love love love them all! thanks for sharing your unique perspective and wonderful creativity.

  21. You should not be afraid of reflections, because to me that is one of your best photos (among a lot of beautiful ones). I also love your abstract photo. I'd love to learn how you get that light and vintagy look on your photos, because it's so beautiful!


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