proof of knitting.

really, it does happen on occasion. and sometimes i even finish a project. like this little number.

the baby shrug knit up in sock weight midnight from shibui knits. this was my first time knitting with shibui. the name alone would make me buy it. i love saying that word! i enjoyed working with it and if i were a sock knitter that actually finished a PAIR of socks, i would definitely use this yarn for a pair. i also chose this yarn for the color. i knew i would love how it looks on bea with her blonde locks (even though at the time of purchase it was barely more than blonde fluff). i was not disappointed.

bea shrug.

the pattern was well written, easy to follow. the main pattern is a four row repeat, which after a few rounds was easy to memorize.
it also hides errors pretty well. i'm sure i made a few. i opted not to do the buttonholes, because i didn't foresee using them.
still looks great without them i think. they seemed unnecessary, unless you just want some extra embellishment. the pattern says that each size (0 to 3 yrs) will fit a wide range of ages. i didn't do gauge (because i'm lazy) and i'd say this is true. i knit the medium (1 to 2 yrs) and it fits both bea and henry (though it's a little snug on him). and yes, he was a willing model.

bea humoring me.

the day i shot these photos, bea was not so willing to put it on. i had to wait hours for her to agree. i thought it was yet another knit to be denied by her. but, i feel redeemed. when we were on vacation last week she was cold so i put it on her. later in the day when it had warmed up again i thought she might be getting hot and asked if she wanted to take it off and she said NO!
i was so relieved. my knitting queue for her is long. it would be no fun to have a girl who doesn't want to wear knits!

pretty as a pirate.

so now i am drifting in project limbo. i have some sewing projects on the table, but no knitting ones as of now. randomly working on dishcloths to keep my hands busy during movies. i am on the search for a sweater pattern for henry. so far i haven't found anything i loved. any suggestions out there?


  1. Not *sure* exactly what that is, but it looks darn cute on that girl. Nice work.

  2. Bea is such a doll and I love that blue with her blondy-blonde hair!

    I am working on a Pebble right now for my boy. It is a sweater vest that I think will be perfect for those cooler summer nights (I better get it done before summer up and leaves us). And will be a good layer of warmth for the fall/winter.
    I am out on Ravelry (NessieNoodle) if you want to check out my queue and projects for boy inspiration :)

  3. She looks adorable (and I have to say, seeing a little one in a shrug makes me squeal a little). When did she get to be so grown up?

  4. Anonymous7/01/2010

    Lovely color. I knit the owl sweater for my 2 y/o this winter and I love it. She loves it, too. It's knit with bulky yarn, so it goes pretty fast. I'm sewhappyjane on ravelry if you want to check it out.

  5. what a gorgeous shrug! love your blog, can't believe i've not been here before.
    thank you for your sweet words on my blog, all the best with your 365, i love your photos x.

  6. oh my. the shrug looks adorable. but i am pretty sure just about anything on that sweet little girl would look adorable!


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