lazy days of summer.

hello there!
i am not going to start out by apologizing for being absent from this space of mine (as i usually do). though i think about posting on a daily basis, something is compelling me to keep my distance, so i am just going to go with it.

a good way to spend an evening

it's due (partially) to laziness. it's summer so that should be encouraged. my attention(s) are elsewhere. i'm reading more, listening to music more, watching more movies than i should be, lazing about in the high heat of the afternoon under the ceiling fan with at least one small child, and consuming too many desserts that consist of blueberries and lemon cake. and those are just the positive lazy things. there are negative ones too . . .

like the mounds of clean laundry to put away, the stack of dishes in the sink (again), the little green army men littering the floor throughout the house, and the fact that as i type this, there is a browning banana peel literally hanging off the top of the piano. but, i have my back to it so i can pretend its not there for the moment.

p.s. i'm so lazy that the picture i posted is from nearly two years ago because i didn't feel like uploading pictures tonight.

***and here's some nice lazy relaxing music to enjoy***


  1. glad to hear you are enjoying the lazy days.
    I am off on holidays soon and I am so looking forward to the break.

  2. I need your attitude towards enjoying the small things. Hey, did you get my last email (in which I gushed about your photography...)?
    OK. Attitude adjustment in process.

  3. No apologies needed. Nice to see you back! Oh just noticed you are on FB...love to friend you!

    Enjoy your summer!

  4. the lazy days are the best -- enjoy them


    "You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by. Yes, but some of them are golden only because we let them slip." -- james m. barrie


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