dog days of summer.


ah, the summer of simplifying. in other words, a summer of slowly filling up the van with boxes and bags for donations (not to mention the recycling bin). today the garage was tackled. matt worked on one side (his studio/work area) and i worked on the other. i think it was close to 100 degrees outside, but by the time we were done the floor had been swept and the van was half full of toys, christmas decorations, a vacuum, and outgrown baby things. it always feels good to unload that stuff and pass it on (to those who will use it), but the job feels far from over. i suppose it could feel that way until the littles are bigger littles. one thing that felt really great was putting away the baby gate. it probably could have been done a couple months ago, but it sat to the side just in case. why we're hanging on to that i can't say, but we are. i'm just glad i don't have to look at it anymore.

the task (if that's the right word) of simplifying is a journey i will be on for some time i think. this stage of de-cluttering is the only way i know how to begin. it's not something new to me, but this go round is a little more intense and has more intention. it's about prioritizing and focusing. it's about cutting out some of the unnecessary things and giving time to the more important ones. it's about less physical/mind clutter and more open/free space. it's about less time spent maintaining and more time on personal growth. it's about less of that and more of us.


  1. funny. my husband and I just had a similar conversation last night. we are going to cull the clothes - that is a big one for my 15 year olds - and just stuff in general. we have too much stuff.
    and we are re-evaluating how diet too. it will take time.

  2. i think you've come to the tipping point of decluttering when you can stop thinking about all the stuff you need to get rid of and start thinking about the things you are keeping, the things that are most important to you, where you want to put your focus from now on.

    a summer of simplifying sounds wonderful! :^)

  3. About six years ago, I went on a major decluttering binge. It might have been the most liberating thing I have ever done. We had a mini-decluttering last summer when I cleaned the attic. As I was putting stuff in a "Wow, I can't live without it" pile, I realized that I had lived without it for a very, very long time.

    Take some time to rest after all that decluttering!


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