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my camera is temporarily out of commission. (that's a very wishful statement, by the way). i'm not quite sure what is wrong with it, but it keeps locking up and won't shut off without removing the battery. as of now i know it's not the battery or lens and that's about it. spending quite a bit of time online trying to troubleshoot before sending it off to canon. i'm also perusing new camera's just in case, ha ha.

so i figure in the meantime i may upload older photos that have never been seen. and to keep up with my 365 (i'm too close to the end to give up) i'm going to shoot film. at least i'm going to try. so, while i'll be attempting to keep up with it, my posts will be late.

keep your fingers crossed for me that the problem is as simple as a dead memory card!


  1. film! i can't wait to see.
    the blue in this photo almost made me cry, it's so gorgeous.

  2. Perhaps this is the silver lining to it all - you re-discovering film, although I'm very sad to hear that your camera is not right and hope it doesn't require too much "fixing" to get it going again

  3. Fingers crossed. I love that you're pulling out the film. I can't wait to see the goodness.


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