rescue me

last night i was cleaning up and rearranging some files on the computer.
somehow, i unknowingly deleted all 13,000+ photos on my computer.
i have been able to retrieve about 400 of them (most of those were either copies
or deleted pictures). i have no idea what else to do. i guess i will resort to a data
recovery software that will cost who knows how much and may or may not work.

i have never done anything like this before. ever!
i was also stupid in that i did not back up my files.
lesson learned.

i got my camera the week henry was born. so i have basically lost all
photos from his birth up until the photos i uploaded yesterday afternoon.
some things i have on disc and thank goodness for flickr, because other than
that i think my photos are gone.

if anyone out there has any advice on what steps i should take i will
gladly try any and all suggestions.

and please, don't remind me that i should have backed up my files.
ouch. i know.


  1. Jess, did you go to your recycling bin? Even when you delete files, they are not permanently gone unless you empty that bin. A mac may be different, so I'm not sure. Hope you find them!

  2. You do have a mac? Did you delete the pictures or did you delete a related file and then your iPhoto didn't show the pictures any longer?
    If you use iPhoto - it has a separate recycling bin ...

    I am very sorry I cannot help, I can just tell you that I really truly feel sorry. I had a similar feeling back in July.

  3. oh. my. so sorry for this. (she says as she adds buy external hard drive TOMORROW to her to-do list). have faith, friend. i have feared this very thing, many times, and i cannot imagine how distressing it must be to you. big hug.

  4. Oh NO! Okay, this happened to me, too. iPhoto just went black. Registered nothing. But it shouldn't be gone GONE -- even when it says you have made it gone for forever it still lurks in there somehow. I called up a Mac guy -- do you have a Mac guy? Or a Mac store nearby? Not that this is what you want to be doing driving around currently -- but my Mac guy was able to retrieve the files somehow. It took two hours. And I had to suffer the lecture about always backing up on hard drive and saving to disk. Ack. Good luck... I bet you can get them back.

  5. i am so incredibly sad for you.

  6. thanks everyone. the worst part (besides possibly losing all our pictures) is the timing. i can't really deal with this until at least later in the week.
    i tried to recover the pics with some slight help from a mac person and it may have made it worse. i'll keep you posted on this for sure!

  7. I found a few recovery programs. Of course they are more expensive since they are for a MAC, but they are not astronomical.




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