why two is better than one

(at least for me)

i know. i'm even beginning to wonder how many pictures i will post of these two napping together. but i can't resist.
they didn't start out this close. the more tired he got the closer he got. he even rubbed frog on the back of her head and got sleepy doing it. it was just the sweetest thing to watch. 
even sweeter is when he wakes up and the first thing he does is nuzzle her head.


  1. I haven't even commented on the first and there is another one already.

    I know exactly what you mean. I am very pleased to see that your son loves his sister.

    I am not that lucky, well, they love each other, but it is only now (moments at a time) that they show it, too.

  2. this photo......
    oh my.......
    no words....

  3. precious, thank you.

  4. it's hard not to let them nap together everyday, but he takes better (i.e., longer) naps when he's on his own. i do indulge in these naps at least a few times a week though : )

  5. nothing sweeter than two sleeping babes.


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