final nesting days

because the baby is still not here. and what else are we going to do?

me: sterilizing, folding, knitting.

matt: his form of nesting. demo & prepping for our new front porch! (there were more pictures, but read the previous post)

henry: life as usual. only he keeps saying "baby, soon".

all of us: enjoying the great fall weather we received this weekend. gusty winds, beautiful afternoon light, and drifting clouds.
sleeping with the windows open and hearing the rustling trees. at times it sounded like ocean waves. it was perfect.


  1. Even though I've got a couple hours before I pump, the top picture made me cringe. I hate pumping.

    Once again, good luck. Someday soon...


  2. Jess - Is tomorrow the big day?

    I am dreading washing and sterilzing all the pump parts! Ugh. I think I'll enjoy my last four months pump-free.

  3. tomorrow is the day!
    i never was successful with the pump thing with henry. i hated it too.


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