october favorites (and something besides a baby)

october favorites 2008


  1. I really enjoy your favorites so much. They are great!

  2. great choices.

    and, also....there can never be too much baby.

  3. thanks!

    and holly, i tried to put a couple of your photos in there. the one of angus in his huggyface costume and the one of you and the boys kneeling down looking at the leaves and such. i loved that picture!

  4. wow! thanks! i set all of my photos so they can't be downloaded last year when i found out that people were downloading pics on angus that had even the slightest bit of innocent baby nudity in them. i meant to reset it so friends & family may download, but must've screwed that up. thanks for the heads up. off to reset that now.

  5. wow, this is gorgeous. great balance - i especially love the pumpkin n the snow & the hand on the rolling pin. says lots about you...your sweetheart is just beautiful, congratulations!


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