7 random things (+ a bonus) i'm loving

1. the idea that within a week (seriously.) we will have this, this, and this, but basically times two! this kid makes us so happy and amazes us everyday we cannot wait to see what the new babe brings to this family!

2. having a husband who understands my love of cake. and even gets the extra chocolate-y kind when it's not really his thing.
the cake

3. a two year old who pays attention to how i vacuum. and thinks its fun!!
ah, 2

4. lazy weekends, good weather, and the privacy of a backyard that lets us eat lunch in our jammies outside. and friends who make (and share) their own pasta that is out of this world.

5. this baby held off long enough for us to take henry to a fall festival where he was impressively patient, kind, and fearless.
it made me such a proud mama.
patient, kind, fearless
6. gorgeous afternoon light while walking through the park.
afternoon in the park

7. seeing my two guys really enjoying being together.

8. time well spent creating.
nature creation


  1. Hey, that's eight not seven. I should do one, too. It is so good to think and remember the things that make one happy.

  2. ha ha! let's blame that on hormones and being tired and not my inability to count or proof read!!!
    i guess that means i thought of a bonus before i hit publish ; )

  3. goofball!

    Oh my, now I am starting to become impatient for the baby to arrive! C'mon baby!!


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