crafty plans, crafty dreams

i was going through my ravelry queue today looking for some holiday ideas. the trick is going to be small, chunky knits for me to actually accomplish anything for anyone. hats, coffee cozies, maybe a cowl or two and possibly these little cuties. and this may be thinking big. i'm trying not to make my list too long and trying to be reasonable (and trying to destash) so that i don't get overwhelmed.

the problem with looking through my queue is being reminded of all the things i would like to make for myself.

like this chair. somehow i had forgotten about it. i covet this chair. i mean for goodness sake it's called the 'sweet and lowdown chair'. how could i not want it?

so from ravelry i go to my own personal craft queue i've saved on the computer and am tempted by all the sewing projects i would like to attempt. this for when henry graduates to the 'big' big boy bed. or any project from this book. and if this baby is a girl i am really going to have to teach myself to sew because i have a hard time resisting all the adorable girl-y patterns out there. oh, i can tell i am going to be a busy little bee. before and after the holidays!

how about you? have you started your holiday crafting?


  1. oh my that chair! SIGHHHH! looks like a wonderful fisherman's sweater strung over a frame, i love it to.

  2. isn't it gorgeous! ikea doesn't sell the chair they used for the frame anymore, but i bet it could be found.


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