remnants of the morning

don't have much to say today.
quiet morning with henry and it's setting the mood.
we snuggled on the couch and i finished a book.
he painted and ate grapes.
it's been a good day and it's not even noon.
remnants of the morning


  1. Hope the rest of the day is going as well. Or even better.

    I love the picture.

    Aren't you bored, anxiously waiting. I really admire how calm you are. This is so not me ... :-)

  2. When will you be induced? You are one patient lady!

  3. i'm anxious, but not bored. i have plenty of knitting and henry to keep me company through out the day.

    i'm trying not to be induced. i went to the doctor for the last time today. they are going to schedule me to be induced next week with the hopes that things will happen on their own before then. cross your fingers for us that they do!


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