glorious rain!

i don't think it has rained here since the end of august. yes. seriously.

i've been sluggish and tired all day and wasn't up for puddle stomping
and splashing myself, but knew that was just what the boy needed.

he caught rain in a cup and drank from it.
he stomped in the biggest puddle he could find.
he dug holes in the mud.
he ran in the rain.

his smile got bigger and bigger the harder it rained. and the giggles got louder and longer.

and that was all i needed to perk up my day and give me a small boost of energy.


  1. some of my fondest memories are of my kids playing in the rain. rain gear rocks.

  2. i just love how happy it makes him!

  3. that sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day. we haven't had many in a while. hopefully we'll get a good one before it gets too cold here. we love rainy walks with our frogbrellas and boots. :)


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