oh dear. missed that due date too.

well, i thought it would be my last trip to the doctor before the babe arrives. and i guess it still could be.
but, since i opted not to be induced (they gave me the choice!?!!?), i have another appointment monday.
the good news is, the dr. said in his heart of hearts he really believes i will go into labor within the next
week. on my own. yipeeee!

oh yeah, and how is it already OCTOBER?


  1. I am SURE you have heard this from a bazillion others, but...
    my midwife had me "induce" myself at home. Castor oil, about 1/3 c, a shot of liquor, and some ice cream. Beware, one poops. However, within 3 hours, I was in full-blown labor. And she didn't have to stay up all night. We all won.

  2. i have heard that a few times. my friend is an L & D nurse and she did the same (and informed of the poop).
    honestly, i don't think i have the nerve to try it. when my friend was telling me about her experience, she actually gagged a few times just thinking about it and her child is 5 now.
    however, the shot of liquor sounds very appealing.


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