i started and finished a hat for henry this weekend. i don't know the last time i cranked out a project like that.
i'm really, really happy with the finished project. i tend to make hats too small, and this one is just barely too big.
i prefer it that way. it may even fit again next year!

i used the seaman's cap pattern (free!), and it was simple and written in 3 sizes so i think i will be making more of this one. i like that the ribbed brim is so long because i think it will help it to stay on the boy's head and makes it that much warmer around his ears. i think matt is actually a little jealous because the hat i knit for him did not turn out as nice.
i used noro kureyon, colorway 164. i have had this in my stash (which is miniscule) for over 2 years now.
i had intended it to be a hat for me but never found the right pattern. i started making a rolled brim hat that never got finished because a dog we had tore into it and dragged the yarn from upstairs, down the stairs and all over the house. i think i put the mess aside for a year before i attempted unraveling and detangling. so, now it has been revived and turned into the perfect hat for the boy!

Noro after a bout with The Beast
noro tangle


  1. GAH! You posted ahead, didn't you!! I came looking to see if the baby is here yet and I find a cap!! Ha!!

    The cap looks excellent, by the way.

  2. i love that cap - thanks for the link to the pattern. i'm on the lookout for quick, simple hat patterns. can't wait for more news of the baby variety!

  3. I think I'll make a hat similar for my 7 year old boy, thanks for the tip. congrats on your baby!! So exciting. My 2nd child was a girl and our first was a boy.

  4. Did you have to adapt the pattern at all to use the sock yarn? I'm in love with that yarn and I'm wondering if I need to use two strands at a time or something like that. So cute! Your blog is so good.

  5. teri, thanks for the comment!
    i didn't use kureyon sock yarn. it's just regular kureyon. if you do use sock yarn i would double up and then check your gauge.


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