Still Jaywalking (but with a limp)

I am not literally limping. I feel like my progress has been really slow with this sock. I'm not even knitting anything else, but I am getting more ideas of what else to knit-like maybe some mitered mittens out this same trekking. I am in no way knocking the Jaywalkers pattern, oh no! I am loving this pattern as a first knit sock pattern. It is simple and easy and it works so well with my yarn. I am excited about the end result. I suppose I am just a slow knitter. I thought possibly by blogging about knitting I would crank out more projects, but that is not the case. I try to knit everyday, but I am teaching myself how to sew right now, and I am reading two really interesting books, one of which I have been reading for months now (see sidebar for book titles). Oh! and I started watching EZ's Knitting Workshop (scroll down) before I go to bed, which is really hard to stop watching. Completely fascinating and she is a hoot! Maybe I just need more hours in the day or I should try getting by on about 5 hours of sleep. We'll see, my goal is to get to the heel by Sunday evening.

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